What you need to know before painting a room

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There are some things you need to have for your painting project. Below, we shall have a look as some things you will need for painting:

  • A tape measure for measuring the walls you wish to paint in order to buy the right amount of paint. Normally, a gallon of paint covers approximately 350 square feet.
  • Stirrer for stirring the paint
  • A pouring spout for eliminating a mess as you pour paint
  • A bucket(five gallons) for mixing cans of paint
  • A screen for wiping away any excess paint from the roller
  • A roller tray for painting small surfaces
  • Blue painter’s tape for protecting the trims or bits of the wall you don’t wish to paint
  • Drop clothes for protecting the floor and furniture

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A sponge for washing the walls before priming

  • A paint brush
  • Primer
  • Roller cover

Picking the paint

With so many options to choose from, sometimes picking paint may be a headache. You need to know which paint goes where as explained below:

  • Flat/matte paint is great for walls that have so many imperfections. It is best suited for ceilings as well as dining-room, bedroom, and living room walls. This paint should not be applied on kitchen or bathroom walls.
  • Eggshell paint has a low sheen finish and is best suited for bedroom or living room walls. It is not idea for high-traffic areas owing to its delicate finish which tends to easily mar.
  • Satin is best used in the laundry room, the family room, the kitchen, children’s rooms as well as bathrooms. It has a silky finish that can be easily scrubbed.

how to choose a wall pain color

  • Semi-gloss paint is the choice for many to use on trim and moldings as well as the kitchen and bathroom walls. This is because it is capable of withstanding stains, scuffing or chipping and is incredibly resistant to humidity.
  • Gloss is typically used on moldings, trim, and woodwork because it gives off a mirror-like finish. Thanks to its mirror-like finish, it also tends to show imperfections much like a mirror does.

How to paint a room

Now that you know the different kinds of paint and tools to be used, you are ready to paint a room, specifically the wall. First of all, you need to clean the walls to ensure that any dirt, dust or grease that would otherwise make it difficult to paint is removed from the wall. After cleaning, you need to trim the room. Use blue painter’s tape as opposed to masking tape for this job since masking tape tends to leave a sticky residue.
how to paint a room

Once you are ready to start painting, ensure that the floor and furniture is properly covered, preferably with a drop cloth such as canvas. As you collect paint from the tray, ensure that you remove any excess paint before actually rolling the paint to the wall. Ensure that the roller is evenly coated then proceed to run the roller up and down a given wall until the entire surface is covered.


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