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New Crystal Pianos That Will Transform Your Living Room

Not many things can rival the sheet elegance that luxury pianos offer when it comes to decorating living rooms. These days, the use of crystal pianos in the decoration of living rooms is a trending.  The craftsmanship and design of the new luxury crystal pianos make it a perfect centerpiece for any living room. 

The transparent built using acrylic materials make these pianos a joy to watch and play. Compared with traditional wooden pianos, a crystal piano has better stability and durability as they are less susceptible to shifting humidity levels. 

Here are some amazingly cool crystal pianos that will transform your living room. 

Bluthner LUCID Piano Line

If you are looking for iconic quality, you should simply go for one of the most famous luxury piano brands in the world. Bluthner collaborate with LUCID to produce some of the highest quality crystal pianos namely PH Piano, Lucid Enzo, Lucid Exo, Translucid, Hive Elevance and iDyllic Excellence. If you want a completely transparent grand piano, going for iDyllic Lucid will be a perfect option as it is completely made of acrylic. It can be highly durable. 

Schimmel Glass Pianos

One of the pioneers of the crystal pianos in the world, Schimmel is best known for designer instruments. The crystal pianos of this brand is made using plexiglass which is main raw material of producing bullet proof windows. While these pianos can be very heavy, you can expect them to be very durable in addition to being highly stylish and attractive. 

Steinhover SG-170

If you have limited budget for a crystal piano, you can go for Steinhoven SG-170. You can expect to get graceful design and super quality as it uses high quality materials. Costing around just $20000, it can be an entry level glass piano anyone can consider having in their living room. 

Kawai CR-1M

This is another artistic design piano made with industrial-grade acrylic, and mirror-like silver. It is a fine quality crystal piano that will refract light and project colors of the rainbow. It can be a little too heavy but it’s sheet elegance make it a cool option to choose for decorating a living room.


Choose from the above-mentioned crystal pianos to make your living room stand out and add a wow factor. If you like playing pianos, that will be a bonus as you will enjoy spending time with your family members playing your luxury piano.

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