5 Reasons Why You Should Use Mango Wood Furniture At Home

Last Updated on August 31, 2022 by Kravelv

Apart from bearing sweet and fragrant fruit, mango trees are also responsible for producing some of the most beautiful hardwood furniture in the word. If you think about it, mango wood is but a derivative of the mango fruit industry, and creating mango wood furniture not only gives the barren mango trees a new lease on life, but it’s also a great way to introduce a sustainable, durable, accessible and stunning wooden furniture option for consumers that want something special, and certainly different from the traditional oaks and maple woods.

If you’re not quite convinced about mango wood yet, here are five reasons why you should choose mango wood furniture the next time you go shopping for new furniture and accessories.

  1. Abundant Supply

Originally from India and Southeast Asia, mango fruit continues to spike in demand the world over, making mango trees an abundant and reliable source of timber for furniture applications. It’s also interesting to note that mango trees grow incredibly fast, and are available in over 1000 variations, with each growing to a massive height of 80 to 100 feet, and up to five feet wide. Understandably, farmers struggle to harvest the trees over time because of the tall height, and because mango trees often become barren within the first 15 to 20 years, most sustainable farmers opt to replace them with new offshoots, making the trees available for another use; supplying timber. So, the high global demand for mangoes coupled with the trees’ finite lifespan results in an abundant supply for its timber applications, and a nearly infinite supply of wonderful mango wood products for you!

  1. Sustainability

As mango trees begin to age, they start producing a lower quality fruit and eventually become barren. Sustainable commercial farmers will then replace the old trees with younger ones, making sure not to leave even a single trace of the barren tree where it once stood. This ensures the elimination of carbon emissions, as there are no tree stumps left behind to emit harmful carbon dioxide.

You’ll also be glad to know that mango wood is a reliable source of income for mango tree farmers and the communities that they operate in, and that mango tree plantains are not only easy to manage but can help to reduce deforestation while preserving endangered tree species.

  1. Durability

Mango wood is incredibly resilient and comparable only to traditional oak when it comes to durability. You can rest assured that your mango wood furniture will last you for many generations when placed in the right conditions, and it particularly thrives in tropical regions, as the tree is typically grown in similar conditions. Those living in cooler climates can easily maintain the wood’s integrity by applying a coat of natural oil and running a humidifier to preserve its natural beauty.

You can also leave your mango wood furniture outside because it’s water-resistant, but keep in mind that it doesn’t do well with cold weather conditions, so you’ll want to bring that outdoor mango wood table set indoors during winter.

  1. Versatility

Mango wood can be used to manufacture a number of furniture items, with each taking on a unique appearance, thanks to the wood’s varying patinas. It’s also a strong and durable material, which makes it an ideal option for making kitchen cabinets and wooden tables. Verty Furniture stocks a wide range of exclusive mango wood furniture that’ll simply blow your socks off, including gorgeously designed pedestals, etched stools, and tables, as well as Ringwood mirrors and bespoke mango wood trays.

  1. Beauty

Mango wood is soft to the touch and wonderfully pleasant to look at. It also features a remarkable grain that creates beautiful streaks of color tones that include deep browns and mahogany, to a unique tawny tan, blonde and even pinks. The wood lends itself easily to different silhouettes through carving, while its unique patterns can be further enhanced with hand-burned finishing. Thanks to its warm veneer and refined appearance that only gets better with time, décor accessories and furniture made from mango wood tend to stand out, regardless of the décor scheme.