10 Stylish Ways To Use Pastel Colors In Your Home

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

It’s never easy to choose a color scheme for your home; should you go for loud and dramatic or soft and soothing? If you’re having trouble deciding, there is a color scheme that is a beautiful mix of all of these options: pastel colors.

When it comes to modern interior design, people like minimalism and clean lines. These days, pastel colors are one of the most common trends in the world of interior design, according to major architect firms. The pastel color palette helps everything look peaceful and comfortable but at the same time bold and original.

Pastels in Paint or Wallpaper

If you’re feeling courageous, you can turn the entire place into a pastel kingdom, painting all of the walls. However, if you don’t want to risk, covering one wall is a way to highlight the pastel without using the whole area. The most effective side to color is the one right in front of you as you enter a room.  For a soothing setting, pick a color such as soft blue or green.

If you’re still eager to redecorate a room but you’re not sure about repainting, there is a quick fix.  Wallpapers are a simple and effective way to change the look of your walls. In just a snap of fingers, the dining room becomes brightened by a baby blue wallpaper, and the bathroom becomes a calming piece of nature in light green pastels.

Eat-in Pastels

When we talk about ‘pastelising’ the whole place, there is no way of going around the kitchen.  A space with a wood arrangement requires something soothing. Therefore, bring pastel-colored porcelain into your kitchen. If you dream bigger, redesign and customization with pastel shades is another way to include these calm colors in the room where you want to dine in peace. According to the latest trends, the light blue tones rule the kitchen.

Pastels in the Living Room

If the thought of coloring or decorating the walls in pastels sounds overbearing, take a more discreet strategy of accessorizing pastels selectively. For instance, pastel furniture pieces such as side tables or bookshelves will bring just the right amount of early summer to your living room.

If you are on a tight budget, instead of purchasing new furniture, consider fixing up existing pieces. Refreshing used stuff is not only good for your pocket, but it is also good for the environment.

Sweet Pastel Talks

The calmness of pastel tones in your bedroom makes you want to escape the crowd.  Go for fabulous, romantic, and incredibly stylish peach or lavender bedding. By introducing white to chairs, furniture, and appliances, you can create a delicate and soft look. Your bed, decorated by a set of mint green, lemon yellow, dark pink, and lavender shades, would make you want to jump in every time you enter the room.

Pastels in the Bathroom

Black and white rule the bathrooms for quite some time, but pastels are now popping up more frequently in the lavatories. Mint is one of the favorites for our little sanctuaries, probably because it gives the room a refreshing look. Still, baby pink and light blue are not falling behind.

Pastel Accessories

Whether your home decor theme is tropical, urban, vintage, or rustic, the possibilities are limitless – from clocks and flower pots to statues and portraits. There are endless pastel decor choices you can mix and match.

Art Talks in Pastel

Following the minimalist concept, people don’t value adding up that much. There are so many ideas that will give your space even the slightest shine. Hang some art that screams “PASTEL” and mission accomplished. The whole appearance of the room will shift with a single monumental work of art.

Mixing Pastels With White

Combine designs in various pastel colors to get a desired artistic look that gives modern and aesthetic results. Don’t exaggerate – you don’t want it to seem like too much, so throw in a similar color palette when mixing designs. The assorted pastel colors are usually perfectly balanced by bits of white. White color makes pastels pop out and brings out the most glorious look.

Maximize Natural Light

If you want to brighten up a place, some of the foolproof techniques include bringing in mirrors, clearing out the room, adding a plant here and there, and – pastel coloring. For example, light pink is the answer for toning down red shades. The reflective tones create an echo that makes the room appear larger, lighter, and more breathable.

Outside Pastels

Pastel exterior walls and front doors exude calming energy even before you enter your home. If you decide to go for it, a tip is to create a contrast between exterior walls and the front door.


There are numerous ways to introduce pastel shades into your residence, from bed linen to kitchen shelves and window frames. If you opt for this look, don’t hesitate to be adventurous with your combinations and, most importantly, don’t forget to use contrasting colors.

If you apply too much pastel, your home could seem a little drained, but if you mix in some neutrals, your space will look sleek, chic, and glamorous.

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