Know Everything About Cal King Bed Frame Here!

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Are you willing to change your old mattress? And looking for the new one to bring home? Well! The only thing which you must look for is the bed frame that manages the size. With the best cal king bed frame you can easily bring a new mattress to your home.

When your bed frame is too big then it will result in having gaps on either side which cause the mattress to slide around along the bed. On the other side, when the frame is small than the mattress it will create indentations and sagging with fold and bend awkwardly. So, to avoid these problems you must have a perfect frame that fits the mattress easily.

It may even support and remains perfectly in a good condition. Are you new with looking forward with the mattress and bed frame? Then you don’t have to worry you can easily have the mattress along with the bed frame at your home when you go through the article properly.

Cal king bed frame- bed frame what is it?

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The structure of your bed which is along the sides and surrounds the mattress is your bed frame. However, the bed frame is available with two side panels, footboard, headboard particularly made up of metal. And in most of the points, the bed frame have solid and slatted which supports the mattress.

Moreover, the frames allow the mattress to lift off the ground. This is the way the mattress remains clean and dry so that it can last long. Well, the correct frame, as well as a foundation, ensures the mattress support it correctly.

Selecting the correct bed frame

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It is relatively straightforward when we talk about selecting the right size of bed frame. The standard mattress dimensions are accommodated with the bed frames. If you are moving to purchase a new mattress then plan to use the existing frame which you have for your bed. And be sure that you measure the frame first and then visit the shop to have a new mattress that suits you and provides comfort.

You also don’t have to worry when you have selected the mattress earlier without measuring the bed frame. However, you can easily adjust the bed mattress with fitting the additional features in the left out space. Also, if you don’t want this type of things then it is a very idea to select and have a good size of frame that you really need.

Moreover, there are many types of bed frames which are available in the marketplace. Don’t be sad if you are not aware the type of cal king bed frame available to purchase and use. In the next section ahead you are going to have all the details about correct type of bed frames that are available.

Bed frame types you must be aware!

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Now that you are familiar with the right selection of the bed frame, it is the time for you to consider the best style. You must select the style of the bed frame that work with the mattress and the décor of the room. Also, when you are looking for the perfect bed frame you must keep in mind all your personal preference. Therefore, here are some of the types of bed frames which are available-

  • Platform bed frame

This is a platform bed feature which is having a sturdy base that is designed to hold the mattress easily without the additional foundation. The bed frame either has a solid base of wood or a slatted base. And yaa when we talk about the slat base it is available with not more than 3 inches that evenly supports the mattress.

  • Panel bed frame

This is the basic bed frame that consists of the headboard, footboard and the panels on either side. The mattress foundation gets support in the frames because of the slates of wood that are fit on the sides. And the slats which are there evenly supports the mattress to provide comfort and equally available from all the sides.

  • Bunk bed frame

This is the ideal option for small bedrooms. It is because the frames consist of two or three twin beds which are stacked upon each other. The four pillars are set up to support the bed and this built in with safety that prevents the sleepers from falling from the bed.

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Like the bunk bed there is much other loft bed which has raised the platform. But instead of the mattress which is used loft bed has small desk like seating area on the bottom.

So, these were some of the information that you must know about the types. Now in the next section you must know about the material which is used to build up the bed frame.

Materials used for bed frame- know in detail!

Almost the bed frames are made up of wood as well as metal. Only some of the headboards and footboards are covered with upholstery which changes the look of bed.

Wood material

There are many famous bed frames which are made up of wood. However, there is much high quality of wood that is used and it may vary from brand to brand. It is the solid wood that provides stability and tends to be more durable. And the frames can be heavy and this is more awkward to move.

Moreover, there is most of the platform and panel bed frames which are used in the particle board. The particle board creates a frame which is lightweight and durable. Thus, wood is used in creating the bed frames easily to keep along the mattress.

Metal material

Like the frames made up of wood, metal frames are more durable and supportive. Well, metal frames are not sturdy as wood, it can bend and break over time.

Any bedroom can have its focal point with the help of right bed frame. It depends on you how you select the type of bed frame to fit your new mattress.


Therefore, these are some of the information with which you can easily have a cal king bed frame easily with a supportive mattress.