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What are Common Home Electrical Emergencies

A home’s electrical system distributes power to appliances and lights. The system, of course, will experience problems in some cases. These problems require immediate and professional assistance. Note that home electrical emergencies aren’t only inconvenient, they also pose serious safety risks not only to you but to your entire family.

Below are common electrical emergencies you should be aware of:

Electrical System Failing to Trip

If you have a faulty electrical system that fails to trip, stops working, or gives you a red-light warning, it’s probably time to replace your entire electrical system. If you don’t replace it immediately, then there’s a possibility your electrical system can get so bad that it can’t be fixed with new parts. The best course of action is to replace the entire system as soon as possible. The circuit breaker will trip even under normal circumstances, automatically shutting itself off if ever it senses something wrong.

Another reason for replacement is that, when something goes wrong with your electrical system, the odds are that the wiring will either become cracked or completely damaged. The wiring is the part that carries the electricity and has to run from one point to another. If something in your wiring fails, it can do some major damage to the circuits and even to other things in the house. For instance, a broken wire can cause flying sparks or a loud popping sound which indicates electrical failure. This is a very dangerous situation. Also, a broken wire can lead to fire if the electrical surge is strong enough.

Fallen Power Lines

It’s common to see downed power lines if a particularly harsh storm has passed by. Power lines connect the electrical system of your home to the electrical grid. Trying to get around fallen power lines can actually be fatal. Many times, people report seeing flickering lights in the distance and don’t even realize it’s a live electrical line that’s causing the flickering light. If you’re close enough to a downed live power line, you could be electrocuted from a shorted power cord. The last thing you want to do is ignore this type of emergency as it may prove to be fatal if it’s not addressed right away.

Remember that there are many electrical emergencies that can happen at the drop of a hat and it’s unfortunate that there are a lot of accidents that happen around the area. Falling power lines are no exception. Always keep in mind that this may be your home or business, so don’t hesitate to seek help immediately from an emergency electrician Brisbane or an expert electrician from wherever you may be located. Falling power lines and fires can happen at any time, so take care of your family and take the appropriate safety measures at all times.

Power Outage

A power outage can have a dramatic effect on your property unless you’re using solar panels for home as a reserved energy source. Many power outages are short-lived, lasting from as little as an hour to several days – however, some can last for weeks or months. Power outages caused by windstorms, cold weather, and heavy rain often damage electrical equipment and infrastructure, causing the loss of power. Homeowners can suffer serious injury if they fail to take precautions when a power outage occurs.

If a power outage does occur, it’s important for you to make sure that you contact emergency services as soon as possible. You should always turn off all gas appliances, including water heaters, and avoid trying to fix the problem yourself. It’s best to have an electrician come out and inspect your home.

Burnt Electrical Outlet

If your outlets have brown stains, serious problems could be on your hands and in your walls. The outlets could be catching fire anytime since brown stains indicate that circuits are overloaded. There are a number of different reasons why a burnt electrical outlet could have occurred, and it’s best to find out the reason for the emergency by calling in an electrician to assess the issue.

First, you’ll need to identify if your outlet has been damaged or burned by fire. The reason that your outlet may be damaged is because the fuse blown out. If you have this particular problem, then you should take action and have the fuse replaced before any damage occurs to the electrical system. This is also the case when there’s a fuse that has become partially blown but the other fuse is still working.

Another main reason that a burnt electrical outlet could occur is because of a short circuit. In most cases, it’s usually advisable to turn off the power to the home prior to attempting to repair any short circuits, as doing so will ensure that you don’t cause any additional damage to the electrical system. When you have a burnt electrical outlet, make sure that you don’t touch it or plug anything into it.

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Electrical Shock

Another common home electrical emergency is the possibility of being exposed to electrical shock due to faulty wiring. While some people have little knowledge of what can happen when an electrical cable is faulty, they don’t realize that this could actually be deadly. The good news is that this is something that can be prevented by checking for any signs of fraying or frayed wires.

You should also pay attention to possible sources of electricity that you use such as old-fashioned lamps and televisions. This is because a faulty or broken lamp could cause serious injury if the cords become entangled or if there’s a surge in electricity that could happen while the lights are on. The same thing applies to televisions because if the cord that holds the television gets tangled with other cords or devices, you could be putting yourself at risk of an electrical shock. The best thing to do is make sure that everything is properly grounded, especially if you’re using cords that are long enough to reach anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Electrical dangers are real. In fact, thousands of deaths occur because of electricity-related fires every year. Early warning signs were present in most of these cases. Whenever you have electrical wiring concerns such as the ones mentioned and discussed above, calling a licensed electrician can keep yourself and your whole family safe. A professional help goes a long way in helping you get through an electrical emergency safely.

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