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Choosing your Home’s Exterior Color

Those that have experience of building houses say that it takes three attempts before you arrive at the home you actually wanted to design at the start. That is because it’s only when you are living in the space, entering the door every day that you realise what you really like and what is important to you in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Colors can play such a huge part in generating a good vibe for a home. You can choose a welcoming color or a color that will blend well in its surroundings. You can express a lot through different varieties of color and there are literally millions of options to choose from.

The entrance ways to the home are a huge decision also. Generally it’s where you will welcome guests and so you’ll want to make a good first impression. Front doors can really help to set in a theme to your decoration so choose wisely. You’ll also want to take into account functionality here in terms of security and also durability.

Windows too are a great way to emphasize your style and theme. It’s also important to remember that there is huge variation in terms of window quality so be sure to research well your window material and of course the quality of your window supplier.

This infographic from Senator Windows in Ireland is a helpful guide especially if you are building a new home. It looks at how different colour choices can impact on the overall look of the home and it gives some useful advice on choosing the best schemes.

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