How To Easily Improve The Look Of Your Driveway

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When you concentrate on the aesthetics of the exterior of your home, the driveway is usually neglected, as long as it’s functional. People tend to focus on the landscape more, which is a mistake – an attractive driveway adds to the beauty of the exterior.

If you concluded that your old driveway could use some improvements, there are several options to freshen it up a little bit in case you don’t want to replace it with a more attractive surface.

1. Pressure wash

The simplest way of freshening up the driveway is to use pressure wash to thoroughly clean it. Older driveways will instantly look better, whether you do it on your own or you hire professionals to do it.

2. Fixing and filling the cracks

Over time, the driveway is bound to start degrading, showing signs of cracks or broken bricks and pavers. You don’t need much time to replace what’s broken and to fill the cracks – and the positive effects will be visible.

3. Breaking monotony

In case of a boring concrete driveway, you can add to the visual impression by setting a couple of blocks between the concrete slabs, with the use of some detailing. Upu can also make a feature out of the edge or use curves.

4. Adding a border

You will also manage to move attention away from the driveway if you add a brick or paved border in a single or multiple rows. You can highlight the border even more if you paint in contrasting colors.

5. Stamping

If the driveway is in a fairly good condition, but you want to upgrade it, concrete stamping is a great way to do it by creating a stone effect. It’s possible to choose between flagstone, cobblestone, brick or tile look without actually having to pay for those specific materials. If it’s properly installed, it can last for even a couple of decades.

6. Grass

This is a natural and simple way to improve the driveway – the best is to create a grass strip along the center of the driveway, saving money in the process for future improvements. Also, consider long-stemmed grass on each of the sides, while the grass in the middle should be shorter. Ok, it needs to be mowed at least every two weeks, but it’s worth the trouble.

7. Spray and stencil

In case of a dull, grey concrete driveway, another simple and cheap solution is to use spray and stencils specifically made for concrete. Many companies make this a form of art, for example, RMK Spray on Concrete allows you to create various patterns, textures and designs on the driveway, while stencil includes blends ornamental elements into the design.

8. Lighting

It isn’t directly connected to the driveway, but it sure makes it much more attractive at night. You can opt for pagoda-style lights in the grass along the edges, build lights into the pavers or install them on poles along the driveway. You don’t have to spend much money and it’s an opportunity to show some creativity. You can also set up the lights to automatically turn on when the sun goes down.

Bottom line

Whether you will do the improvements by yourself or you’ll have concreters melbourne to do it, you need to choose the price range you are willing to spend and the level of commitment to the work. Whatever the option you choose, a bit of work will do wonders for your driveway and overall exterior look.

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