8 Must-have Elements for a Princess-like Bedroom

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Every child deserves their own space where their imagination rules. It doesn’t matter how big or small the space is; their bedroom will always be a kingdom to them in their childhood. After all, a child can see so much more with their creative minds than their eyes. But that doesn’t mean the adults cannot contribute to their fantasy.

For your very own little princess, even the smallest decoration for a fairytale-like bedroom could mean the world. Here are 8 must-have elements for her majesty’s royal chamber.

  1. A ‘Theme’

First and foremost, you need to have a theme for your princess’ bedroom. If your girl loves the Encanto theme then you can decorate with Encanto party supplies. There are other themes like barbie or Gabby’s Dollhouse. Will she be the princess of a medieval kingdom? Is she the mermaid princess of the seven seas? A snow queen – perhaps? Or is she the brave warrior princess of the elves? Choosing a theme should set the tone for the room’s color scheme as well as decorations. For example, an undersea theme warrants more blue colors or perhaps a fish bowl or aquarium. There are plenty of things you can align to the theme from the curtains to the bed mattress. Philippines, Native American, Viking, or Amazon princess themes also work for a little uniqueness.

  1. Curtains


In ever princess movie ever, no royal bedroom is complete without elegant curtains that filter the light and add a bit of color to the room. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pink or red (although those colors are recommended) – bright blue, yellow, or light green with cartoon print works, too. Of course, this should be aligned to the theme you chose. While you’re at it, try enjoying the activity by tying these curtains with ribbons or decorative pins. Another simple idea is to tie curtains with a tiara.

  1. The Tea Party Set

How can your little princess have a tea party with her plushy toys without a proper tea set? The good news is; a child’s tea set shouldn’t cost much at all. Don’t forget the small table and chairs. Now, the princess’ royal subjects can gather and discuss important matters – like the flavor of cookies that you should bake next (Tip for adults: you can crash in and join the party uninvited).

  1. Beautiful Lights

In all home design efforts, lighting can be considered as the icing on top of the cake. With the right curtain, you already got it covered with the curtains. But at night, the magic happens with creative lighting. One magical idea is to create paper bag lanterns. Imagine Jack-o-lanterns; but with paper bags. For this idea, you should add sand to the bag to keep it upright. For safety, try to use small lamps instead of candles.

  1. A Thematic Headboard

thematic headboard

For those who enjoy DIY projects, you can have fun designing the bed’s headboard to align with your chosen theme. Being the largest furniture in the room, a lot of work will go to decorating the bed, regardless of what room design ideas you have in mind. In this case, you should start with the headboard.

With a little creativity, a headboard that matches the bedroom’s theme should be fairly easy. Some colored paper and glue gun will go a long way. You can make a castle, an island, a crown, and so on. For the main material, an affordable option would be foamcore boards, which you can easily cut with any knife. You can emphasize the headboard by attaching lights on the back, which will make its silhouette visible from across the room.

  1. The Royal Mattress

Of course, your princess won’t be pleased if the bed itself is not as elegant as the headboard. Make sure that the colors are right; from the blankets to the pillowcases. They don’t really need to be of the exact same color. Rather, focus on colors and prints that blend well with everything you’ve done so far.

  1. A Closet of Princess Clothes

closet of princess clothes

Finally, you can’t have a fairytale princess bedroom without the princess herself. You may be thinking of spending a lot of money on your daughter’s gowns, shoes, and her tiara. But you don’t really have to go beyond 1 princess dress. Just hang it on a wall or make sure the closet’s always open with the dress on top. But of course, you’re not really that cheap to limit the princess’ gown to only one, right?


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