Bringing The Outside In


Embrace one of this year’s biggest interior design trends by bringing the outdoors inside your home using ingenious and creative ideas. Plants offer plenty of health benefits, such as visual colour and textural stimulation, some plants offer air cleansing properties, while others will evoke feelings of the natural world, so it is well worth including them in your home.

Designers have created fabulous pieces of furniture and accessories to make the trend easy to adopt. Tables with grass tops or pockets especially for plants are just a couple of imaginative ideas. Designers have taken basic concept designs and adapted them to become places for plants to climb or trail, to enable them to be an integral part of the design concept.

Essential household fixtures, such as the humble light shade, have also been designed to be a sustainable place for plants to thrive and grow, while moss and lichens have been given centre stage in coffee tables.

The possibilities of growing plants in dark corners and windowless rooms has been tackled head-on, using pendant lights that provide light for the plants and the room offer the feeling of being outside in the fresh air on a daily basis.

Whichever way you prefer to display green plants is an essential addition in most rooms, simply popping them in a pot and putting them to stand alone in a corner is no longer acceptable within the world of stylish interior design.

Be inspired by the trend ‘Bringing The Outside In‘ and give plants a special place in your indoor living space.

Bringing the Outside In by Terrys Fabrics

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