The design of sustainable walls as the green décor idea

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What does sustainable mean? It is a word that we use on a daily basis, while its very definition can be lost from time to time. Sustainability is explained as something that has the power not to be destroyed and is able to last for a very long time. There are many reasons to use sustainable materials in your home.

When we talk about sustainable walls, the first thing that we think of, are green walls (vertical gardens); but walls can be built out of other sustainable materials such as organic blocks and 3D boards made from harvested organic plant fibres, wood, cork, coconut, etc.

Whether you like a modern or a rustic design, a home can be built out of sustainable materials to meet all of your’s design preferences in both, the interiors and the exterior.

sustainable walls 1


Bedroom – where and how you sleep can change your whole day. If you sleep in environmentally decorated room that looks serene it will have a great impact on your mood, energy level and overall attitude. To achieve this apply panels made of apple wood, coconut shells or cork to your bedroom walls.

sustainable walls 2

Living room – we are usually spending the most of our “inside” time in our living room, so maybe the best solution for its walls would be the “green walls”. Vertical gardens by Elmich are a good example of how you can enrich your indoor space by installing a green wall in your room. Green walls are very healthy, they do not only provide the original aesthetic appearance, but this “plant carpet” will provide to any wall an additional sound-thermal insulation, great effects on air purification, because the plants are producing the oxygen, moistening the air and filtering out any harmful substances around them.

sustainable walls 3

Kid’s room – there are a lot of innovations in the field of eco-building, such as organic blocks and boards. These materials are made from cork or from recycled plant fibre; they are biodegradable and healthy for your kid. However, maybe their colourful and innovative design is the main reason why these materials should be used in kid’s rooms.


Ecological walls or vertical gardens can be applied both in open and closed spaces, and therefore in a variety of climatic conditions. Only thing you have to do is to satisfy and respect all the basic standards that are necessary for plants to live. Plants enable us to give our living space (in this case our back yard) a touch of nature, special character and warmth. Therefore, the combination of green and a wooden wall is definitely the best solution for the exterior walls of your house.

The construction of green wall is made of three parts: a metal frame, PVC sheet and double layer of polyamide. The plants are placed in the third layer, because its capillarity allows an even flow of water and it prevents the roots to grow in depth, protecting our original wall.

sustainable walls 4

By using sustainable materials in your home, you are saving energy and thus money in the long run. Using sustainable materials will make your home healthy and cosy. This is a fact; sustainable materials emit a small amount of carcinogenic and volatile toxins, which make sustainable, green-built homes healthier and more comfortable for living.

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