Landscape Techniques for Low-Maintenance Garden

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Landscaping is defined as the art of growing plants for aesthetic purposes of a certain area of land. Oftentimes, it requires a big deal of time for planting, weeding, watering, trimming, pruning, and even mowing just to achieve the desired design. Doing all these things requires patience and passion for even garden lovers find all these things such a hassle. However, there are certain techniques that would cut some time spent in taking care of your garden. Here are some techniques that you can put into use.

  1. The smaller, the better

Planning a large landscape for your garden will be such a beauty. However, you should consider the fact that large landscape will demand much of your time in taking care of lots of plants as well as maintaining their aesthetic quality. So, what’s the better thing to do? Keep your garden small; this means smaller landscape as well. The smaller the landscape, the lesser plants are needed. It lessens the effort required to maintain the landscape since only few plants are planted. It’s better to have lesser number of plants rather than have numerous plants that you cannot manage to maintain.

  1. Do natural landscaping

Natural landscaping means choosing plants that would adapt to the area’s climate and hydrology. Native plants adapt to the growing conditions of the garden area thus, it can flourish without regular hydration and even fertilization.

Landscape Techniques for Low-Maintenance Garden

In addition, native plants provide natural habitat for native organisms that would be helpful in propagation and pollination of flowering plants. Doing natural landscaping is like hiring other species to help you maintain your garden’s aesthetic quality. This is guaranteed a less hassle landscaping technique.

  1. Keep your landscape close

A house surrounded with plants is considered a paradise. Put your landscape close to your house as possible.  You may put a small garden just under your window, for example. You may also have it along entrée de garage to give your house a 360 degree view of the nature. Trusted enterprises like pavage quebec can help you create a coveted driveway that suits our preference.

Moreover, keeping your garden close to your house would give you the perspective that it is part of your house. In addition, this kind of landscape would only require a small area of land since it shouldn’t be too far from your house.

  1. Place your plants accordingly

Always get to know the kinds of plants that you want to include in your garden. Classify them as either tall shrubs or short ones. Never plant shrubs that may grow up to 5 feet long under your window or along entrée de garage as this requires frequent pruning. Use dwarf trees and shrubs that require almost zero pruning.

Landscape Techniques for Low-Maintenance Garden1

In addition, place plants that need similar care and attention in group. This helps you cut some time in watering. Scattered plants demand much care than plants that are placed together in groups.

All these simple techniques will greatly help gardeners, but above all, a meticulous and careful planning as well as the help of experts in the field (e.g. pavage quebec) are the main keys in achieving a beautiful but of low-maintenance landscape. Start planning your garden now and get that classy and glamorous landscape that will surely be the talk of the town.


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