Why Flowers Are A Lot More Useful Than We Think

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Flowers have been a big part of our lives since basically forever, and that hasn’t changed one bit. They are beautiful, and they are beneficial, a perfect combination for us human beings. We tend to think that flowers are only meant for decoration or as a way to show affection; however, flowers can do a lot more than that and have historically been used for numerous purposes like making medicine, food and drugs among others. Let’s find out how flowers are utilized in today’s world.

Flowers Are a Symbol of Love and Affection

Weddings, births, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and all the other joyous occasions would feel a little incomplete if there were no flowers around. They make the life brighter with their colors and also, they smell nice. Sending flowers as gift is an indication that you care about the receiver of the gifts and love them. Whether it is valentine day or just a non-occasion, your loved ones would love and appreciate a well-made flower bouquet.


Flowers Are Used To Make Medicines & Drugs

Flowers have historically been a source of medicinal products, a lot of wildflowers are specially considered to be among the herbs useful in many ways. Many modern medicines originate from traditional medicine, and a lot of them used flowers as primary ingredients. Wildflowers like Dog Rose, Mint, Foxglove and many others are still used in the medical industry and especially in the making of homeopathic medicine.


Flowers Can Act Like Pesticides

It may come as a surprise but there are types of flowers that repel insects and thus are a very good source of pesticides. These flowers are dried and turned into powder after all the oil is extracted from them. These products have proven to be very effective pesticides. You can also plant such flowers in your garden to keep the insects away from your pants. Lavender, Borage, and Clover flowers are some of the examples of natural pesticides.

Flowers Are Used As Food

Not all flowers are edible, but a few types are eaten and added to the food to enhance the taste and characteristics of the food. Although, you must always do your research before trying to add any flowery ingredients to the food. Caution is better than regret. Other than fresh flowers, some premium spices are made from flowers, saffron, for example, is the most expensive spice in the world and it comes from a flower.


Most Decorations Are Incomplete Without Flowers

Because of their beauty, flowers are used to decorate homes, clothes, and food. Flower blogger from https://lamouretfleurs.com says that fresh flowers always bring an air of sophistication and freshness when they are used to decorate your home.

Similarly, there are people who have had their wedding dresses made completely from flowers. Though that may come into the category of over-ambition, nonetheless, flowers can improve the look of your clothes either by actually being there or just by being recreated as a design.

Flowers are also used in food decoration, such as desserts and cakes. Usually cakes are decorated by specialists, and the best cake makers use flowers to bring life to the cake.


Flowers Are Commonly Used as Jewelry

Flowers are often used as a piece of jewelry in the form of corsages that are worn on the wrists. You can buy jewelry which has pressed and dried flowers fused in between glass sheets. You can also make actual jewelry with them, take a dried flower and embed it in clear resin, shape it in the form of a ring, necklace or bracelet, and you have a beautiful piece of resin flower jewellery.

Flowers Are Natural Environment Cleaners

Flowers act as purifiers and clean out the air pollution. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They absorb VOCs and utilize them within their system. Similarly, sunflower cleans the soil from radioactive elements, which is why authorities around the world have started to grow sunflowers near atomic plants. The flowers containing toxic material can later be easily disposed of compared to soil.


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