5 Tips for Growing Succulent Plants in a Pot

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

A succulent plant can be one of the most beautiful additions to your garden or lawn. However, you should know how to make all the arrangement to grow the succulent plant in the pot successfully. The more you pay attention to details, the better results you will come up with. You can also follow some smart tips and tricks to ensure that your succulent plant grows healthy.

Here are 5 tips mentioned to help you grow the succulent plant in a pot.

Arrangement or Packing

When you plant the succulents in your garden, you should know how tightly you are supposed to pack them. If they are kept so close, it might be difficult to water them. This way, they will grow slowly. However, it will help maintain the original design. So, if you want the plants to grow quicker, you should better keep a little more space in between them. It will help keep a better airflow and the soil will also dry out quickly.


The container you choose to grow succulent plants must be one to two inches larger than the nursery container. Also, you should pick the material of the container carefully. For instance, a lot of people end up planting succulents in glass containers. Glass is a bad choice as it won’t allow the plant to breathe properly. As a result, the roots will start rotting over time. Moreover, you should fill one-third of the container with a pre-moistened mixture. Then place the plant inside it and fill the rest of the container with the mixture again.


Sunlight is good for succulent plants to grow faster. So, you should keep them in a sunny location. However, not all types of succulent plants will require sunlight all day. It depends upon the type you choose that how many hours in sunlight would be enough for a plant. Some plants only require two to three hours of sunlight in a day. When you buy the plant from the succulent market, you should check its sunlight requirements to ensure that you fulfill them.

Watering Need

You should also understand the watering need of your specific type of succulent plant. Some succulent plants won’t require water regularly, especially in the active growing season. You should wait for the soil to dry to let the roots breathe before watering them. Overwatering can result in killing your plants. It also depends upon the weather, size of the pot, time of the year, and the condition of the soil that how much water a plant requires every day.


You should use an all-purpose fertilizer in the spring season to let the succulent plants get the benefit from it. The best time to fertilize your plants is when the new growth begins and the days start getting longer. However, you shouldn’t fertilize the plants when they are semi-dormant. The nutrition boost won’t be effective when the plants are not actively growing.


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