Adding a Luxurious Touch to Your Place with Vinyl Planks  

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People hardly pay any attention to flooring whether it is a new flat or an apartment. For them, wall colors and size of rooms matter. But, without proper flooring, you cannot uplift the beauty of your place. Therefore, nowadays, customers look for vinyl planks flooring to add a luxurious touch to their place. The pricing of these floors is usually less as compared to other types of flooring and it gives you a beautiful finish. Let us have a look at few reasons to choose vinyl flooring over others.

Reasons to choose vinyl:

Flooring is an aesthetic part of the house and comes with so many options. Let us understand the reason behind vinyl flooring topping the list amongst other types of flooring options.


  • Not just affordable, but vinyl planks provide you with durability, style and longer working capacity. You won’t get so many features into any other items.
  • If you can install these planks properly over subflooring, then these will prove to be resistant to scratches, dents and stains.

Luxury at its best:

At present, vinyl planks are available in different designs. From colors to patterns and even textures, you cannot beat the variations, which vinyl possesses. The following points will help you understand them better:

  • Vinyl sheets can be used for covering more than 1200 floors. It feels and even looks as real as wood, stone, metal, leather and tweed, to name a few.
  • For covering 150 and more floors, you can easily book for luxury vinyl tile. Here, you will enjoy the vibrant beauty of marble, slate, wood and travertine. These tiles are best suited for comfortable and warm underfoot.
  • For fewer areas, like 100 floors, you have simple vinyl tiles. This tile format is designed to help you alternate various colors and create checkerboard-like patterns.

Clean it without problems:

Other than so many variations, there are some other reasons as well to opt for vinyl planks over others. One such option is that; the product is easy to clean.

  • You do not need high end chemically enriched products for cleaning such planks. All you need to do is just sweep the planks regularly, and it works like magic.
  • Occasionally, you might have to use a damp mop with some floor care products, but this step is optional. You can do that before any special occasion, to give an all-new shine.
  • Make sure to cover the planks with advanced coatings. It helps in creating a strong protective shield against stains, fading, scratches and moisture. You can easily wipe any spills with a damp cloth.


Get it within your budget:

Always remember that vinyl planks are also known for their affordability. These sheets and planks are considered the most budget-friendly option. Even if you are looking for luxury vinyl, still you can manage it within your pre-set budget easily. For installing the planks, you do not need any expert help. Just follow the DIY steps, and your work is done. Click on the DIY flooring assessment button from official online pages, and you will receive detailed working instructions. Consult with experts in case of any further problem.  Accentuate the beauty of your house with some top-grade vinyl flooring today!

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