Your Quick Guide To Upgrading To A Black Kitchen Sink

Last Updated on March 14, 2022 by Kravelv

The kitchen is often the main hub of activity in the home.  Whether it’s preparing meals, eating them, or entertaining it’s always a place that can use a style upgrade and one where it will instantly be noticed.  Adding a black kitchen sink is a solution that will set this room of the house apart in both style and function.  When the standard stainless steel choices become dull, it’s time to find out what black options have to offer.

Why Go With Black?

There are quite a few excellent reasons that more and more consumers are switching to a black colored sink.  Often the main benefit that attracts them is just how luxurious they can look.  They can add such a high-end feel that many times just by upgrading your sink alone you can change the whole way your kitchen is perceived.  It is also a color worth considering if you are trying to create a modern feel.  A black undermount kitchen sink in particular is especially well-known for helping to do so.  An extra advantage is that you can use your sink to match all sorts of black appliances or even contrast white ones for a stunning effect.

Choosing Your Material

Many homeowners don’t realize it but there are many materials to pick from when it comes to black color.  Unlike with metallic colored options the one material you won’t normally find is stainless steel.  When it comes to toughness and looks, without a doubt the most sought after are made from granite.  A black granite kitchen sink may cost more than other choices but they are naturally resistant to bacteria and extremely high heat.  Another way to go if you like granite is a composite sink which is not one hundred percent granite but a high percentage so that it still has many of the same benefits.  For a glossy look cast iron is an attractive choice, while those who want something inexpensive may want to check out acrylic.

Do You Want A Single Or Double?

When shopping for your sink after you pick a material you’ll also need to decide whether you want one or two bowls.  This simply means a sink with a single or double basin.  Single bowls are more suited for someone who will need to deal with larger cookware since they have a bigger area.  A black double kitchen sink is ideal for those who love to have their dirty dishes soak before washing them.  One basin can be used to soak the dishes while the other is primarily for washing and rinsing.   Depending on the sink you choose the size of the basins may vary. While some are the same size, others have one which is larger than the other.


There’s no reason to stick with sink colors that don’t increase the appeal of your kitchen.  With an array of materials, that all have their own benefits, along with single and double bowl options there are a lot of black choices to pick from.  And of course you won’t want to forget about adding black kitchen sink taps and other accessories to help make the model you decide on look its best!

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