5 Fresh Flooring Ideas That Will Enliven Your Floors

Last Updated on March 17, 2022 by Kravelv

Everyone wants a beautiful house with all the necessities in the world readily available. One such necessity is the flooring; a person has to consider many factors before deciding what floor would be best for his or her home. Among the more mainstream flooring options, hardwood, vinyl, and Laminate have been an immensely popular for some time now, each due to different reasons. However, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, we are here to remind you of some exciting flooring choices.

In this article, we will be looking at some obscure and ignored flooring possibilities that can pretty much refresh your whole household.

Cork Flooring

There is nothing new about cork flooring, it is almost a hundred years old and not very common, but due to its unique features, it has always had a dedicated following. Cork floors are made from the processed remains of cork planks after bottle stoppers and other items have been punched out of them.

These floors are very useful in cold weather as they absorb heat and keep the house warm. The footing is soft and stable. However, you need to use padding under your furniture so that the cork does not get deformed. If you take good care of your cork floors and keep the moisture away, they can remain useful for decades.

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Stone Flooring

For thousands of years, human beings have been living on stone floors since they were the simplest and the most viable choice. Visit any museum or historical site; you will find out that the floors were made from stone i.e. cut rock. Nowadays, tiles made from marble, granite, and limestone are the most commonly used stone flooring items.

Marble is the most sophisticated choice for stone floors, whereas granite, limestone, and others, while not being as prestigious as marble, are still in a class of their own compared to the more regular flooring choices. If you cannot have natural stone floors installed in your house, you can also use the synthetic “manufactured stone.”

Concrete Flooring

Although it may not be that popular in the west, concrete flooring is widely employed in places where the weather is usually hot because it resists the heat exceptionally well. On top of that, it is very robust and durable, and if you want to change the flooring of your house, you can just install on top of the concrete. It is also very easy to clean and require minimal maintenance even after years of use. If you are short on money, concrete flooring can be a blessing for you.

3D Flooring

3D flooring refers to the immersive 3D images which can be installed in the form of a floor so that you have a uniquely refreshing interior in your home. You can have pictures of the ocean, deep sea, deserts, jungles, metropolitans and other sceneries of your preference on your floors and walls in the form of 3D art.

3d flooring

Children love this kind of creativity, and that is why restaurants, play lands, and amusement parks have been using 3D art on their floors and walls as an attraction for decades now. If you want to be on the good side of your kids, furnish their room or bathroom with compelling imagery on floors.

Brown Paper Bag Flooring

This is a truly unique and crafty way to literally “paper over” the shortcomings of your floor in an inexpensive and beautiful way. All you need is lots of brown paper bag, glue, and polyurethane, and a beautiful looking floor will be ready for use. You can do it yourself or hire professionals to do that for you, and it will cost you less than almost every other flooring option. Take chunks of brown paper on the floor and glue them down, when it dries, put one or two coats of polyurethane and the floor will be shining and ready for use.