5 Easy Home Decorating Ideas for Summer

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It’s time to start thinking about redecorating for the summer. Dark winter colors absorb heat and bring down the energy in your home, so you’ll need to consider swapping some things to best fit each room. Fortunately, even with the summer heat, there are decor options that can change the mood of your entire home. Read on to discover five easy home decorating ideas for the summer.

Dress the Windows

Windows are one of the most overlooked places in a home—adding anything to decorate them is enough to revitalize the room! Choose from sheer curtains, colorful trim, or handmade strings of flowers or butterfly ornaments and place them in front of your windows. This simple transformation will astound you! Depending on the colors you’ve chosen, you can continue this summer theme into the rest of the room with matching rugs, pillows, and throws.

Pillows and Throws

When choosing small embellishments for your house, consider the colors and themes in each room. If you’re working in a neutral room with a lot of white and grey tones, a splash of vibrant color may be appropriate with a colorfully marbled pillow, like the one from Rule of Three Studio. If the redecorating is taking place in a room already full of bright colors, consider minimizing the decor. Removing several small pieces from an overwhelming room can rebalance and control its splendor.

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You’ll also need to consider the colors and fabrics in each room. Summer is not an appropriate time to decorate with dark, shaded colors or heavy woolen fabrics. Consider switching to tan, white, and light pink colors, along with summer fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk.

Outdoor Decor

400;”>Home decor doesn’t apply to just the interior, it includes the outside as well. Add some style to your porch with a wooden swing or a plush reading nook. You can also add a simple picnic table to your backyard, or go extravagant with a fire pit.

A fire pit is an amazing way to bring the summer to your backyard. With a large metal or concrete basin, decorative rocks, and some gel fuel canisters, you’ve got the perfect place to roast marshmallows all season long. Add some painted wooden furniture for a comfortable night out.

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Painted Furniture

Painting wooden furniture is fun DIY project that can involve the whole family. If you have worn outdoor furniture, revitalize it with some paint. You can decide on one or two colors for a simple decor approach, or adorn it with multi-hued paints and tie dyed creations. Don’t be shy when experimenting with color—you can always paint over any mistakes!

You can also paint your indoor furniture, especially if you have plain barstools or wicker tables. Just make sure your repainted decor melds seamlessly with the room’s decor theme.

Invite Nature In

Nature doesn’t have to excluded from your decorating. Whether you bring in live plants or integrate nature-inspired throws and paintings, bring the beauty of the outdoors in when you’re redecorating.

Some of the easiest natural accents include tiny succulent terrariums composed in ornamental containers such as seashells, ceramic pots, and wooden trays. You can also display fruit, flowers, and wreaths in ceramic jars and vases. Hanging gardens are a popular choice as well, as you can take potted plants and hang them strategically around your home.

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Your Style

If you’ve lived in the same home for a long time, then you may want to change up the interior decor and embrace a new theme for the summer. Even if you already love the style of your ornamentation, experiment with different colors and themes while keeping the essence of your current decorations. Don’t limit your imagination because you like what’s already there—make small changes and encourage something new and exciting!

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