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7 DIY Ideas For Teens

Growing up as a teen can be challenging and, let’s face it, extremely boring. DIY was an escape for me; to a creative, fun world when school or homework became too draining. I was pretty good at my projects. The discoveries I made during these seemingly unconstructive activities, molded me into the inventive person I am today. As teens, DIY projects not only make you feel like a genius, but they also cultivate a sense of responsibility. Below are my all-time favorites.

  1.    Mason Jar Fairy Lights

The festive seasons can be made even more fun with this idea, and it’s super easy. All you require is paint that glows in the dark, glitter, and a clean, transparent jar. That’s very affordable, right? Just paint the jars (you can get more creative with different shapes or cartoon characters using different paint colors), then sprinkle the glitters when the paint dries up. Now set up your new invention in a strategic location and let the beauty glow.

  1.    Beverage Coaster

Beverage coasters have been used since the 1950s according to the national museum. Did you know that you can save a few bucks by making your own? You can choose between painting ceramic tiles, rubber corks, leather, fabric, and any material that is malleable and can hold a cup of tea without sliding. That’s the main goal, right?

  1.     A Bowl Made Of Buttons

Button collection can be addictive. Once you start, there is no stopping. So you better put your buttons into use by creating decorative bowls. All you need are buttons, glue, Tupperware, and aluminum foil. You start by lining the Tupperware with aluminum foil before pouring glue on the foil. Place your first button at the center and the rest to follow on the sides. Allow it to dry then gently peel off the aluminum foil from the bowl.

  1.    Wall Collage

A collage is an art production using visual arts to create artwork through assemblage. It involves gluing pictures, photos, magazines, colored text, and newspapers to the wall. And I am not talking about the gross trending gum collage. You can create a wall collage that represents your personality and what you love.

  1.    Tea Towel

You can play around with the patterns by inserting drawings to make them more cheerful and colorful. The easiest way when making them is to draw the shape of the picture you want and cut it out of the paper. Place it on the towel and trace it out. Remove the cutting and color the outlined shape. Use an iron to secure the color onto the towel. Super easy and very cheap!

  1.   Twisted Cord Wraps Bracelets

In the olden days, girls were known for these types of projects, but today, boys put up a good competition for who makes the best ones. It’s more about how creative you can get with the pendants and the beads. They make a great fashion statement, but most teens wear them as a sign of friendship. You can also find such bracelets on

  1.    Invisible Bookshelf

Bookshelves are an excellent idea for a neater looking room. The invisible bookshelf is constructed using an L- shaped metal wall brace with holes for fitting in the screws. Therefore, having a set of screwdrivers can come in handy. Once the metal wall brace is firmly attached, you can now place your books comfortably.

Simple DIY projects might start out as a creative pastime, but could develop into amazing products that could have real life changing impact on the world. Therefore, teens should be encouraged to be inventive from a tender age. Whether you follow some of the tips in this list or you have ideas of your own, putting your mark on a creation is simply one of the best feelings.


Author Bio:

Sarah is the editor of Inspired to be creative from an early age, she is always coming up with her own DIY projects, big or small, and draws inspiration from other imaginative minds. She is always encouraging others to be more innovative, especially when it comes to home improvement.


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