6 Kitchen Energy Savers

Last Updated on March 9, 2022 by Kravelv

When most people hear the words energy efficient, they always jump to costs and decor. What if it was possible to have an energy-saving kitchen, whilst saving money and keeping the kitchen contemporary?

From simple things like changing your cooking habits or recycling better, to large renovations that remove the need for air conditioners. It is possible to have it all.


Did you know that purchasing flatpack benches, new tables, even buying pre-made pizza is making your kitchen less energy efficient? Instead of purchasing a brand new table why not repurpose one out of old furniture, or restore one from a second-hand store?

kitchen energy savers - DIY

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Same principle applies to buying food – instead of buying pre-packaged herb mixes, why not mix your own? Spending your Sundays completing some DIY’s for the kitchen is a great way to save on money, but it is also great for the environment – cutting down on packaging, travel and energy.


If you’re looking to renovate or build, follow a few easy tricks to get the most out of your kitchen – without costing you or the environment! Purchasing double glazed windows is essential, an amazing feature you really should adopt house-wide. These windows prevent heat from escaping, and also entering – climate control without the big price tag.

Another trick is using induction stovetops, and making sure to use the correct sized pots (which stops unnecessary heat loss). Induction is by far one of the best options for energy saving in the household. Electricity, unlike gas, does not add more NO2 to the air inside the home. You can find best cookware for induction cooktop on any leading online shops nowadays.

High-Quality Appliances

This one seems like a no-brainer, and is something you should adopt in all aspects of your life. Put simply, buying quality appliances means that they will last longer, therefore you won’t need to repurchase the same equipment in a year’s time. It’s possible to purchase high quality that doesn’t break the bank, and don’t forget to turn your appliances off when you’re not using them. Not only does this save electricity but it prolongs their life!

Reuse / Recycle

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Knowing what is actually recyclable in your area is vital! Jump online and check out your local council website to decipher what goes where. On a bigger scale, this saves so much energy, recycling aluminum cans, for example, saves 95% of the energy needed to make aluminum from its original source. Did you know that broken glass in most countries can’t be recycled?

Cleaning Products

Looking into natural cleaning alternatives can really push your kitchen into that energy efficiency category. Creating your own scrubs and washing detergents can be as easy as mixing vinegar and bicarbonate soda. Making use of these non-toxic alternatives saves money, saves on waste, are more biodegradable and afford your body the safety of natural cleaning.

Buying Bulk & Local

kitchen energy savers - buying local

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Sourcing Local food does not only cut your grocery bill, and keep you eating healthy all year round, but it can also cut your eco-footprint in half. Do you know how far your food travels? Buying local whenever possible supports your community, cuts the pollution, and keeps your fridge in check – always buying seasonally. Buying in bulk is another way to create a more energy-efficient kitchen. Bulk buying means less plastic, less petrol, and bigger savings!

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