How to Choose the Right Flooring For Your Kitchen

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Flooring is a key element and grounding for style and function in any kitchen. Being the heart of the home and often a place for family gatherings and shared meals, it’s crucial to consider a few important facts before selecting your flooring material and parting with your pennies. Here are tips for choosing the right flooring for your kitchen.

Consider Your Lifestyle

In order to determine the most suitable finishes for this all-important room, it’s crucial to do your floor covering research. As a homeowner, you first have to establish the household requirements and lifestyle and when it comes to rooms like the kitchen, practicality is key. For example, do you have a large family size, is there lots of foot traffic and do you prefer to have meals in the kitchen?

These are just a few of the common problems to think about. The ideal material for your flooring should not only beautiful but, practical and long lasting. Some households are tougher on their floors on a daily basis and therefore should consider products that are durable and work in terms of function. Kitchen flooring of a family with many active children will likely take more of a beating from foot traffic, running and playing with toys, than a kitchen belonging to a young professional couple.


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A laminate floor finish might be better in this scenario due to optimal wear and scratch-resistant characteristics. A family with pets is likely to have them living in the kitchen because it’s a warm place. How they feed and their size and agility will impact your choice of kitchen flooring. Claws can scratch a wood floor while a scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean tiled floor might be a better option.

Consider Comfort

How you use your space should be a guide to selecting the right flooring for your kitchen. Unlike most floors in the house, we spend so much time on our feet, slicing and dicing when preparing meals.  We also do a lot of walking between the counter tops, sink and stove, and it is essential to consider floor finishes that will cater to our comfort.


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With some design layouts, the kitchen turns out to be a brilliant place to have a small work station where it’s convenient to watch over the kids getting on with their homework while you prepare dinner. Choose flooring that is suitable for such activities. For instance, standing on porcelain tiles for long periods of time can be uncomfortable as compared to a wood floor, which reduces fatigue underfoot. If your existing kitchen floor is less than comfortable, throw in a rug as an alternative.

Determine Your Budget

If you are planning a renovation or a remold, determining your budget is essential before getting sold on the look. Kitchen flooring can be inexpensive, such as vinyl plank flooring or can be pretty expensive, such as custom designed ceramic tiles – so choose wisely! Do your homework before getting carried away and consider whether you want a high-end expensive surface or if a more economical choice works just as well for you.


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You might be surprised to find one material that’s similar and a close match to another but for less money. Once you have a clear idea of square footage and understand how to calculate your flooring budget, do remember that other costs may apply such as delivery, installation and removal of the previous flooring.

Your Sense of Style

There is something about sharing food in a warm, stylish and inviting space that feels comforting and exciting. A kitchen remodel is a wonderful opportunity to improve how the space looks and feels by incorporating the right design elements.


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Choose floors that complement the size of the kitchen, as well as existing colours, textures and patterns. Large plain tiles are great for small kitchens as they give the illusion of extra space. Stone on the other hand, is loved for its natural, unique variation, how its tone adds depth and no two slabs are ever the same. Whatever style you decide on in terms of flooring, make sure to create a design flow that fits well with the rest of the house.

Ease of Maintenance

Before you select flooring for your kitchen, its best to consider the time spent on cleaning and maintenance. Some materials will require a lot of work than others if you want them to last longer and maintain their aesthetic appeal. It’s also crucial to think about your kitchen location. Is it right off the garden where kids are going to land with muddy feet and wet coats?   how-to-choose-the-right-flooring-for-your-kitchen5



Water is better handled by vinyl floors, which are durable and longer lasting. When we entertain in the kitchen, there is always someone standing with a drink in hand. To minimize time spent cleaning spillages and mess, choose an appropriate flooring that can handle such eventualities.

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