Energy Efficiency and Siding: A Basic Guide for Homeowners

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Energy Efficiency and Siding 1

It is rare to find a homeowner who doesn’t look for ways to save money on utility bills. Fortunately, there are more options available to homeowners today to cut down on energy use in the home and make it more energy-efficient.

You may have heard that one surefire way to help you save on electricity costs is by installing siding made of proven, top-quality, efficient materials on your home. The question you may well ask next is: how? In this post, we take a look at how siding can factor into a home’s energy efficiency and what other benefits you stand to enjoy.

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Does Siding Affect Energy Efficiency?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is YES. Basically, a home’s siding serves as a crucial and primary line of defense against weather and temperature changes. It increases the R-value, which translates to improved thermal efficiency and, eventually, to a significantly reduced energy bill.

How Does That Happen?

As you may already know, a big part of your home’s energy is expended on space heating and cooling. In fact, these processes account for about half of the total energy you consume, and for which you are billed. By using siding with a material or product that provides effective insulation and weather-tightness, your home heating and cooling system will no longer need to work double time to provide the level of comfort that you require.

Getting the Right Siding for Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency and Siding 3

To meet your needs, your siding must have a solid, thick build. For instance, fiber cement siding, such as the products produced by James Hardie, possess superior stability that can help keep the building free of gaps, cracks, and caulk failures.

Additionally, an energy-efficient siding has high resistance to heat, reflecting most of the hot and harmful UV rays away from your home’s surface.

New Siding Technologies and Products: Beyond Beauty and Energy Efficiency

While energy efficiency and curb appeal are the two concerns that most homeowners prioritize, new siding products can offer a number of additional advantages that could make quite a difference, too.


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Most siding products today come in a wide range of finishes, styles, patterns, and colors that won’t let you miss out on that certain “look” you may be seeking, aesthetically speaking. Fiber cement siding, for instance, can flawlessly mimic wood, but won’t fade, split, or rot over time.


Low-maintenance products can also help you save on costs as you won’t need to re-paint or re-finish very often.

Resistance to Pests and Fire

Another exceptional advantage of new siding products worth taking note of is pest and fire resistance. This means less worrying about unnecessary damages that can lead to costly repairs.

Longer Service Life

New technologies allow new siding products to be stronger and more durable, allowing them to offer outstanding longevity. This claim is usually backed by warranties.

Indeed, a home’s siding can do more than just contribute to your home’s exterior looks. Aside from making your home more energy-efficient, you can count on it to offer other benefits that can help you see the worth of your investment.



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