Useful Energy Saving Tips at Home

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Charity starts at home. The earth is fighting overwhelming exploitation and if we don’t act now, soon we would be losing out on the better gifts of this planet. The main cause of concern is our energy usage. With the number of household appliances increasing every day and in the effort to making our lives more comfortable, we are using more than we should. A lot of energy goes to waste when we put on the fans, the AC, or even operate our refrigerators without reviewing its optimal functionality. However, many homeowners have begun to understand the need and switching to energy-efficient solutions, including energy-efficient appliances, minimum use of power, etc. Here are some important tips that will not just help the world generate a lower carbon footprint but also save you considerably in electricity bills.

  1. Switch to energy-efficient solutions

It’s no secret that LED lights of today can save you a substantial amount in yearly electricity bills. Further LEDs last longer and consume almost 90% less energy than its incandescent counterparts. Energy star labeled appliances too cut the monthly usage to a great extent. Along with this, it is also advisable to compare energy prices on and choose your provider wisely.

  1. Insulate your home

Insulating your home can go a long way in reducing your power usage. In the United Kingdom, several energy suppliers are even offering free home insulation services to meet the efficiency targets regulated by the government. A fine example would be British Gas which has been offering £1,000 worth free insulation for all homes, regardless of the supplier. Several other schemes will help you make good use of your lofts, water tanks and wall cavities to act as insulation.

attic insulation guide - batts

  1. Switch to natural solutions

Opening the windows during the daytime can help you make maximum use of daylighting and save upon light bills. Also, opening your windows will ensure adequate ventilation and keep your home fresh and healthy. There is no alternative to sunlight and fresh air.

  1. Turning off standby

Statistics suggest that homeowners can save as much as £30 every year by switching off from standby modes. In fact, most of the electrical appliances used in UK households can be plugged out when not in use without upsetting the programming. This is also the reason that many homes have invested in standby savers to operate all the appliances at one go, specifically when leaving the house.

  1. Turn off the lights and taps

A lot of energy goes to waste when we forget turning off the lights/fans when leaving home or keeping the tap running while brushing our teeth. Its takes energy to pump water to the reservoir and wasting this water for nothing is an alarming practice.

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  1. Using the kitchen / bathroom more efficiently

One can save almost £50 a year by using the kitchen more efficiently. When washing dishes, it is recommended that you fill up a bowl with water rather than use a running tap. Wash in bulk when using the washing machine. Similarly, spend less time under the shower and use water efficient shower heads.

  1. Efficient heating

Heating is another activity that consumes a lot of electricity. Install a room thermostat can on the other hand save several UK homes as much as £165 yearly. Set you heating to the limit that you can use. There is no need to overheat and then wait for the water to cool down a bit before you can use it. Same goes for the room.

efficient heating

Increased demand for electricity has been acting to increase the energy prices every year. Afterall, we have but a limited supply of non-renewable energy resources.

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