Why homeowners are going crazy about redesigning garage doors?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

When you think of your garage door (if you think of it at all), a utilitarian, motorized gateway to your home comes to mind. And for years, that’s what garage doors have been.

In recent years, though, things have started to change. A garage door is no longer just a purely functional door to your home. It represents an opportunity to customize it to your unique tastes. Many homeowners are doing just that. Read on to learn why garage doors becoming one of the hottest parts of your home to redesign.

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Curb Appeal

Did you know that your garage door covers up to 40% of your home’s facade? That’s quite a bit of space.

It’s also one of the first things people see when they pull up to your home… especially when they’re prospective home buyers.

To help their homes sell, many homeowners are updating their old, worn out, unattractive garage doors with more modern styles that improve the home’s overall appearance. In today’s market, the sky’s the limit when it comes to garage door design. You can choose the colour, the panels, whether or not to include windows, and even the size of your garage door. When you’re done with the project, potential buyers will be impressed.

Low Maintenance, High Visual Impact

Demographics in home ownership are changing. Younger homeowners make up a larger portion of the market. And they have different ideas about their homes than previous generations.

These homeowners want their properties to look good, but they don’t want to spend much time on upkeep. And garage doors require a fair amount of maintenance. Fortunately for these homeowners, new garage door materials are both attractive and don’t need much care to look good. Moreover, the next generation of garage doors are durable, so they’ll continue to hold up regardless of weather conditions for years to come.

The Changing Role of the Garage

Nowadays, garages aren’t just being used to store cars or all of the stuff you can’t squeeze into the attic. The garage’s role has changed in recent years as homes transform to accommodate families.

As families grow, children move back home or older relatives move in, the garage has become a new living space. Homeowners need garage doors that do more than just open and close. They need doors that are well-insulated to control the temperature.


Moreover, a garage that becomes a bedroom or another type of living space requires windows. Many garage door manufacturers offer the option to add windows to garage doors to let in light, even if the garage isn’t being used as a living space.

Your home is a major investment. Not only do you want its value to rise, you want to make it your own. Your garage door offers an opportunity to do just that. Don’t think of your garage as just another doorway to your home. It’s a place to let your personality shine, and today’s garage doors provide so many design options for you to do just that.

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