5 Things to Expect From Your In-Home Window Consultation

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Getting your windows repaired or remodeled, and don’t know where to start? A consultation is one of the invaluable first steps in the process, even for those who already have the framework figured out. The consultation is a way to assess the condition of your windows before you start planning. It’ll help you figure out how to make that window replacement both financially and structurally possible.

After discussing your window replacement with your contractor in their office or on the phone, it is only necessary for them to send one of their experts to look at the situation.

So before your window expert comes knocking, here are some things you should expect to make sure you’re getting the most out of your consultation.

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  1. Specific-Time Appointments: An appointment set between a window of time such as 4-8 PM may seem okay, but it may also mean you’d be keeping all those hours free without knowing when exactly your contractor will be coming around. A specific-time appointment means your consultant will be set on getting there on time, and not keep you waiting. This is also one of the reasons you should go with a local contractor who’s been working in the area for quite a while. They will know their way around so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or similar hold ups.

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  1. Custom Assessment: One of the main goals of getting a consultation is assessing the condition of your windows, and then figuring out the technicalities of the job. In this, every house and homeowner is different. Instead of a generic one-size-fits-all service, the consultation should open up design and maintenance options tailored to your needs and your goals. The steps your contractor intends to take, as well as the materials he wants to use, should also be clearly defined.

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  1. Expert Advice: Don’t be afraid to communicate. Expert advice doesn’t just mean getting the job done, it also factors in how you two communicate. Tell your contractor about what you have in mind for your window replacement, and listen to their responses. Difficulty communicating now will cause misunderstandings later. During the consultation, your contractor should also be able to provide you with all possible solutions and improvements for your project — some of which you may not even know you needed.
  1. Honest Pricing: An itemized bid or estimate will show you where your money will be going, helping you make sure your options are of the best value. Your consultant should be able to help make sense of the numbers, translating the jargon for the various elements of the job in the estimate into plain English. A lower cost could just mean sacrificing quality over price, and it will only hurt you and your savings in the future. This is why the best contractor isn’t necessarily the one with the cheapest estimate.

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  1. Obligation-Free: The consultation should be provided to you with no obligation, unless otherwise stated beforehand. Keep in mind that the consultation is the prerequisite to the window replacement, and not the job itself.

Final Section

The consultation is not only an item on your window replacement to-do list. It’s where your ideas and needs come together with the advice and expertise of your chosen contractor. It’s their first opportunity to assure you of satisfaction, and it’s your chance to make the best decisions for your window and for your home.


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