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5 Subtle Décor Ideas to Keep your Kitchen Unique

Many kitchens tend to be an incredibly central part of your home. It’s where you spend meals, it’s where you cook, it’s where many guests congregate, and it tends to feel like a really homey part of any house. There are a ton of ways to keep your kitchen looking unique, but for many of us subtlety is key. In such a central and used part of the home, it can be overwhelming to have an overly decorated kitchen. The practicality of the space tends to go out the window with many decorating ideas – so for those that would like to make their kitchen beautiful and one of a kind while preserving its feel and usability, subtle decor is the best bet.

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Accented Cupboards

The face of your cupboards are really just blank canvasses that can be utilized to create a unique look to your kitchen. In order to create a fun look in your kitchen that won’t be overwhelming or impractical, consider giving the face of your cupboards a makeover. There are a number of ways to do this including paint, decals, or wallpaper. You don’t have to add an accent to every cupboard, you can choose a few to accent so it’s not overwhelming. Or you can mix and match a few tactics, as well. Go bright, using teal or red or decide on a more subtle avocado or grey to add some variation to the cabinets covering so much of your kitchen space.

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Textured Backsplash

The backsplash in your kitchen won’t be overwhelming to utilize as an accent in your kitchen as it traditionally covers such a small portion of your kitchen wall. However, it’s enough to make your kitchen look unique. There are a ton of different tactics to add a backsplash, and even more options for the look you’re looking for. Whether it’s a solid color, tile, brick, metal, or floral look you’ll be overwhelmed with your options. Not only that, but it’s a relatively easy DIY project to accomplish even for the home improvement novice.


Surprisingly, it can be something as simple as adding a few containers to your counters to add some unique décor to your kitchen. Not only do they look great, they are actually functional. Instead of letting your pastas or other commonly used powders or spices sit in cupboards, put them in nice glass jars on your counters. Not only will they add a unique look to your kitchen, it’s a practical change to free up cupboard space and make commonly used items easily accessible. Even if you aren’t utilizing containers for something practical, you can still use them for décor. Fill them with candy for usability as well as color, succulents, fruits, lights, flowers, candles, or seasonal items – the options here are endless.

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Using Plants

Plants are an amazing décor addition to virtually any room. They add color and life in a lovely way, leaving your kitchen looking fresh and bright. The container you keep your plant in can add just as much unique décor as the plant itself, so decide on a vase, bucket, jar, or planter you’d like to keep your plant in. Decide on plants that are fake or alive and if you’d be willing to get fresh plants every few weeks or so if you’re not utilizing soil or if your plant is not a year-round plant. If you’d like a plant that has extra uses besides its décor appeal, consider the use of herbs. Having a small planter full of chives, mint, thyme, or rosemary will make your kitchen look bright while also being useful while cooking.    

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Chalkboard Art

Instead of hanging up artwork around your kitchen, consider using chalk boards in various places. This is another way to utilize fun décor in your kitchen that is both unique and functional. Your chalkboards can be used for your kiddos to draw on, for a recipe, a weekly menu, or a grocery list. You have the option of utilizing small chalkboards or creating a chalkboard/shelving unit for extra storage for mail or keys as well. Or, go all out and make one entire wall in your kitchen a chalkboard wall.

Kitchens are full of yummy smells and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s one of the most functional areas of any home and gets more use than many other rooms. It’s where cookies are baked, meals are had, and families come together. It’s where guests congregate, and messes are made. For these reasons it’s important to have a kitchen that is inviting yet functional. Fortunately, not all decorations have to be loud and cumbersome. Some are just as subtle as they are functional and the kitchen is the perfect place for a design that’s distinctive but practical. Cupboard accents, a textured backsplash, unique containers, colorful plants, or chalkboard art are all options to make your kitchen look unique.


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