How to Choose the Best-Shaped Kitchen Design for Your Home

Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Kravelv

Selecting a kitchen design and layout can be rather overwhelming as there are several things to take into consideration in order for one to achieve the most desired atmosphere.  Commonly referred to as the heart of the home, this space plays an essential part in lives of many the world over. The perfect kitchen should embody a practical design that encourages interaction amongst family and friends who socialize and prepare hearty meals over wine or coffee.

Whether you are completely refurbishing your home, replacing an old kitchen or a new homeowner, it’s always best to be in the know about existing kitchen layouts and designs. Different layouts have come to influence the way in which we use the kitchen space. This is closely linked with our lifestyles and selecting a layout that best works for you is often determined by the space available.  Below we discuss 7 different kitchen layouts to help with your selection – the more popular ones being the L-Shaped, G-Shaped, U-Shaped, Galley and the One-Wall Layout.

The L-Shape Layout

kitchen layout - L shape

Image source: Designing Idea

This kitchen layout is most ideal for people who love entertaining and hosting in their homes. Its L shape allows for maximum interaction amongst friends and family, especially if the kitchen opens up to the dining area or family room. Movement between the two spaces can be achieved with this layout and will not interfere with the work zones. Should one feel the need to have more surface and storage area, the layout gives one the option to install a kitchen island.

G-Shaped Layout

kitchen layout - G shape

Image source: Home Décor Ideas

With this layout, the number of cupboards and cabinets isn’t usually compromised, which is safe to say that there is vast counter and storage space. The layout is similar to the ‘traditional’, U-shaped layout but with a modern twist of a featured island extension. Most homeowners enjoy this layout but this solely depends on the size of the kitchen, as with this layout one can feel cramped. The layout works best in an open plan layout where there is visual interaction, thus creating an open light and airy kitchen.

U-Shaped Layout

kitchen layout - U shape

Image source: Home Stratosphere

If you are a chef, love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, you will definitely enjoy this layout. It is efficient and can be applied in any kitchen space be it large or small. It provides lots of counter space and a secure form that limits disruption to the work zones and in most cases featuring 3 full counter-tops ideal for storage. A kitchen island can be supported in this layout, provided the U shape is wide enough.

The Galley Layout

kitchen layout - Galley Layout

Image source: Bobvila

This layout embodies a straight forward design. Work zones are in a straight shape and run on both sides of the room. It is said to be the most efficient layout as modern day commercial kitchens have adapted it. It is ideal for small spaces but has many advantages like easy movement between counters and appliances and featured built in ovens and hobs, which are ideal for saving space.

One-Wall Layout

kitchen layout - One Wall layout

Image source: Kutut

If you have a small home, live in a condo or flat that has very limited space, this layout would be best suited for your kitchen. Appliances and workspaces are fitted on one wall thus ingredients and cooking utensils are within easy reach.

Having considered all layouts and what would work best for you, the most essential things to consider and make a top priority are space, storage, lighting and ventilation. Your kitchen space will almost dictate the layout as well as storage. Islands and cabinets, which carry a simple yet modern design, can be implemented. Try to avoid Complex designs in a very limited kitchen spaces, as they don’t give maximum storage space due to their shape and form.

Most of the layouts allow for adequate artificial lighting to be installed above the counters and work zones. For one to achieve balanced lighting and set a desired ambience, natural lighting should also be maximised through large windows and reduced walls.

Ventilation is most vital in any home especially if your kitchen opens up to a family room in an open plan arrangement. Having large windows will allow for natural ventilation especially if you have a bigger kitchen. For a smaller kitchen, hobs are most ideal as they circulate the air and take out the undesired, leaving your home free from food odours and cooking smoke.