How to pick your kitchen design

Last Updated on September 20, 2023 by Kravelv

As many people say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you cook wonderful meals with your loved ones and where memories are made. Therefore, it is important you get your kitchen design right, especially how often you will spend in your new kitchen. A kitchen renovation is very exciting but it is easy to be overwhelmed with the endless options and decisions you have to make. To make designing your new kitchen easier, here are some things to consider:


First things first, set a reasonable budget for your kitchen renovation. The cost of your kitchen renovation will vary significantly depending on the size of your kitchen, what you want to do to it and the materials and appliances you choose. A budget renovation could cost you around $20,000 while a luxury one could be upwards of $50,000. Ensure you keep a very detailed spreadsheet detailing all the expenses you’ll have, from the costs and installation of the cabinets to the cost of the relevant tradespeople including a tiler, electrician and so on.  This will minimise the chance of you overspending your budget.

Colour scheme

Picking the colour scheme of your kitchen is a big decision. Pick a colour scheme that you are going to be happy with for decades to come and that will suit the rest of your home. Many people choose a white kitchen as it is timeless and is good for resale. Other neutral colour schemes are very popular including black and white and cool grey with white. For something that pops perhaps opt for something that stands out such as red or a blue, however, don’t get carried away with trends as what might be stylish now might be out of date in a decade. As such, if you do want a splash of colour you can choose a coloured splashback or kitchen island bench.


Choose a kitchen layout that suits the size and space of the kitchen as well as your lifestyle. Whichever layout you choose, ensure it abides by the golden kitchen work triangle rule, that is, there is a triangle between the refrigerator (where you store your food), the stove/oven (where you cook your food) and the sink (where you wash up).

For larger households, the island kitchen layout is a great option as it suits a spacious kitchen and multiple people in the kitchen while the cooking is taking place. The U-shape is fantastic for those that would like a large kitchen with plenty of bench space, while a straight-line layout is ideal for smaller kitchens in compact spaces. There are many other layouts to choose from, including the L-shape layout and galley layout, so make sure you consider all the options and the benefits of them all and how suitable they are for your space. Another thing to is that it is recommended to keep the plumbing where it is as it can be costly and troublesome to relocate.


A great splashback can transform your whole kitchen. It can add personality and tie the whole look together. Get inspired and have a look online for the infinite splashback ideas. You can add a splash of colour if the rest of your kitchen has neutral colours, you could opt for the popular white subway tiles or exposed brick. Other options include a lovely marble one, fish tale tiles and timber. The possibilities are endless!


Stone benchtops can be quite expensive but are very popular due to their durability, aesthetics and low maintenance. They are stain and scratch resistant as well as heat resistant and waterproof. Timber benchtops are versatile and look great but are high maintenance compared to other materials. For a more affordable option, laminate benchtops are a fantastic option as they can copy the look of other finishes and look luxurious at a fraction of the cost. You can easily find high-quality laminate that looks like marble or timber at a very attractive price. Consider which material would suit your kitchen and how much you are willing to spend.

Cabinet doors

Like many decisions for your kitchen renovation, there are many cabinets to choose from. Flat-panel cabinet doors are perfect for modern and contemporary kitchens as they are simple and stylish. The shaker style is another popular choice for its classic look with recessed panels. If you have engaged a kitchen designer, let them know which looks you like and the price range you are looking to spend. They will help you pick cabinets that fit your budget and look great in your brand-new kitchen.

Consider hiring a kitchen designer

During your kitchen renovation there are several tradespeople you might need to engage. For instance, you will need someone to install your cabinets, a plumber to install the sink and other plumbing and a tiler. While planning your kitchen renovation yourself means great cost savings, it can be difficult to make all the decisions yourself and determine what will work for your kitchen and what will not. As such, it is worth considering whether you should hire a kitchen designer to help design your kitchen and help you pick everything from benchtops to draw handles. Many kitchen designers have decades of experience in the field and can help you achieve your dream kitchen with their expert knowledge.


For a smooth kitchen renovation, have a detailed spreadsheet with all expenses to help you stick to your budget. Have a careful think about what cabinets you want, the colour scheme, the splashback and the benchtop. It is also important to ensure the kitchen layout you choose suits the space you have and your family’s lifestyle.

If you are having difficulty with your renovation, it is worth considering engaging a kitchen renovation company that helps you through each step of the process. For instance, Mint Kitchens is well known for their high-quality bathroom and kitchen renovations in Melbourne. They are award-winning kitchen designers with invaluable experience and a reputation for innovative and exceptionally built kitchens.  If you are looking for other home improvement tips, we have other great blogs with home and property tips for you to read.

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