5 Key Factors to Avoid Home Burglaries

Last Updated on March 14, 2022 by Kravelv

How many of you consider your home to be safe? I am sure most of you. Home is perhaps the only place where you and your family feel totally safe and protected. You definitely want to keep it safeguarded against thefts and burglaries. With the advancement in the world of security systems, now, you can protect your home using security doors and windows, entry handset locks, high-tech keyless to name only a few.

Majority of burgling activities take place in the daytime, and most people that commit this crime are under the age of 25 years. Usually, they aim is to convert money from the property. Jewellery, watches, cash, and electronic items are high demand on their list.

Since, as a commoner, even I am not immune to this kind of danger, I do take some steps to make my home secure. You can also use the following steps to avoid burglaries:


  1. Use Quality Doors and Locks

I think the first and foremost step that the burglars plan is to get inside the home. The most prominent medium is through using either doors or windows. To safeguard your doors, use Grade-1 or Grade-2 locks on exterior of the original locks, as they possess anti-burglary feature. However, one can even use quality deadbolt locks that have slanting casing to inhibit the use of channel-lock. In addition to those, use wrought iron doors along with the main door to further prevent such activities.

  1. Use Secondary Blockage Devices for Windows

Windows can be easily accessed as they have latches, not locks. A window left open, is at high risk of being attacked by burglars. I think ground floor windows, rather than any other floor windows are more susceptible to such acts due to easy reach. To prevent being a victim, secure your accessible windows with secondary blockage devices. Use anti-lift devices in case the window is at first floor or above.

  1. Use Light Timers

Do you know what the sign of a vacant home is? Well, I think it is ‘silence’. When there is no activity in the home, it is quite clear that there is no one home. To overlap this silence, use light timers. They are inexpensive, and give an indication of somebody being present inside the home.

  1. Effective Alarm System

When it comes to home security, you just cannot forget alarm system. It helps deter burglaries, as it potentially scares the burglars of being caught. If the windows or doors are broken, the alarm system will ring instantly. Due to this, the nervous criminal will not be able to take much of your property.

  1. Home Safes

Having a home safe in the house is a wise investment. Use them at places where the burglar cannot reach easily.

I strongly feel that by using the hi-tech security system, burglaries can be controlled largely. Protect your home using security doors and windows, alarms and other hi-tech security. In my viewpoint, it is crucial to safeguard your home in the best way possible. Stay safe and protected!


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Nick Nicolaos is professional blogger who has been writing many blogs on burglaries, thefts, security systems, etc. Having great interest in this area, Nick has been researching on various such topics for many years and derived immense knowledge on these subjects.


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