Bring Levels to Your Flat Garden

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

Although a flat garden seems to be very practical regarding its maintenance, the multi-level gardens are considered to be more visually appealing and interesting. Furthermore, in case you are dealing with an uneven surface, but can’t be bothered with leveling the whole landscape, the levels can actually do wonders for the appearance of your backyard.

Here are some ways to bring levels to your flat garden:

Stand out with different levels

Different levels can easily be achieved by contouring the soil, thus making the ground rise to a higher level. Planting perennials will contribute to the height and make the contours stand out. It’s possible to make modifications by adding lower areas such as a patio in a lower level. Each level can have a specific purpose e.g. outdoor dining area or a comfy spot for the whole family to relax. Plants resistant to the draught are the best option as they don’t require high maintenance. By using the colored shingle, you will easily add some color to your dream garden.

Raised beds to get levels

Raised bed gardens can significantly contribute to the landscape of your garden. They consist of a wooden or concrete frame and the soil is encircled by the frame. The soil is usually enriched with compost and plants such as vegetables are easily grown inside due to lack of weed. Along with its practical maintenance, a raised bed will have a major aesthetical effect on your garden. In other words, it can create a perfect illusion of levels in your garden. The flower bed can come in handy for those bare corners. Adding a curved raised bed will complete the garden.

Water and levels go together

In case you are trying to get that image of an oasis in your backyard, a simple stream or a pond can do the trick. When trying to make different levels, encircle the stream or pond with tall plants. This will give you a sense of depth and serenity. Another area that can be upgraded is the pool because of its reflecting properties and depth. By constructing slopes leading down to it and adding trees or shrubs, it will definitely broaden the perspective of the observer.

Tranquility with bamboo

For a busy modern family, sometimes all that it can seek is a refuge from the urban commotion. Create a private and peaceful spot by including tall bamboo plants. The greenery will be a feast for the eyes and all the other senses. In case your schedule is too busy, hire a professional to make your idea come to life. Many landscaper designers like Musalandscapearchitecture are experienced in creating a lovely bamboo garden. Moreover, by consulting the designers you can save time and learn about the hidden potentials of your own garden that you were not aware of.

Take care of the ground

The ground that you walk on is the essential part of a perfect landscape. Take care of it because it doesn’t belong to you, but to every living being there. For example, avoid removing the roots of trees as they are extremely important for the ecosystem in your area. Don’t change the level of the ground around a tree; you could fatally damage it. Make sure you place the level of the soil cautiously. First remove the topsoil, after form the subsoil. Always do these works during the dry season.

It’s better than what you expect

Bringing levels to your garden is a hard and meticulous work that requires time and a sharp eye of a designer. Of course, you cannot hurry nature. Therefore, along with the proper care, your garden will also require some patience. However, the final results are usually better than you could expect.

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