How to use ‘Designed Defense’ to Stop Burglars in Their Acts

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Just recollect that how do you feel coming back home after a long hectic day? At ease! We know that you truly feel comfortable and composed. The greatest contributing factor towards this tranquility is the feeling of safety.

But, imagine, if you ever had to get back to a burgled home? Won’t it be a complete trauma? Yes. And, what if the theft or burglary occurs while you’re at home? Surely, it would be downright horrifying!

Now, you would be startled to know that even your home design can send signals to a would-be criminal to drop his idea of breaking-in and keep on walking until he finds his next victim. Believe it or not, but even some simple ideas such as setting up of a few new lights in the backyard can also prove to be really efficacious.


So, what’s the wait all about? Let’s learn this designed defense.

Guard it with a garden!

Who would have thought that a pretty looking garden can save you from a burglar? It’s true that you can avoid falling prey to a thief or a burglar by just making some simple changes in your green area.

For starters, mind the height of the fence! Don’t pull it too high. Certainly, it provides you privacy, but it also gives freedom to a potential thief to move fearlessly behind those green lines.

Ditch those big bushy trees for short plants and flowers. The short ones are sure to make your garden look a lot more colorful & lively and most of all would help in making it a safer place. Always remember to trim your plants regularly.

If you have basement windows, keep your plants away from these windows. On the other hand, if you do not have any such windows, then maintain your shrubbery to the height of ground-floor windows. More you make your yard neater; safer would be your home.

Do not leave any nook in the dark!

Yes! Everyone knows the rule – make or break a space with lights! The right mood could be set with just the right intensity and color of the lamps. The good news is that you can use the right choice of lighting to safeguard your home too.

Let’s first discuss the outdoors of your premises. Here, the best option is to install motion sensing lights. It will put anyone moving around your front or back door in the light and would also notify you that someone’s out there.

For the interiors of your abode, put the timers on. Even when you are not at home, the lights will shout out loud “Oh burglar, we’re home”. This will positively help in dropping the idea of breaking & entering from the mind of that would-be criminal. They will scarcely try to enter a property that is occupied.

To be extra sure and for around the clock security, consider the option of buying a pair of extra eyes (read security cameras) for the job. Night vision security camera systems suitable for outdoors will do a double duty job for you. They will watch over like a guard and deter away criminals at all the times, during the day and at night too. Similarly, indoor security cameras would ensure to seize every single movement of the trespassers and strangers!

Use blinds & furniture to blind the intruder!

The number one rule for not getting robbed is to resist showing up-front what all you have in stock! Try to keep everything private. The big gaming station or a large LED screen is meant for your own leisure and not to tempt people to come inside your premises. You may also opt to use curtains and blinds to conceal things from housebreakers.

Another thing always put your valuables away from a direct line of view. Arrange things in such a way that nothing is placed near windows so that burglars cannot easily checkout the potential target items.

In fact, you can use furniture to your advantage. For instance, you may use it to block anything and everything expensive or precious.

This was a small list of design elements that could be incorporated to safeguard your abode. All the decisions of design are totally up to you, we would just advise that use everything for your benefit as much as possible.


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