Designing Your New House while Keeping the Environment Child-friendly

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

Buying a new house is a major life decision. The process can be tedious too, you need to look for a house to buy, apply for a mortgage, compare and calculate home loan interest rates, find a realtor and so many others. However, the work does not end once you finally bought the house. Of course, you need to decorate, design and arrange it so you can truly make it a home. Well, this is the best and exciting part for sure especially for those who love designing. If you’re living with children in the household, then you must take into consideration their needs.

In this article, we will share some tips on how to decorate your new house while also making it a healthy and safe environment for the kids.

  1. Use odourless wall paintusing dark colours will make the room look warm while light colours make it look cooler. Choosing colours will indeed make a big difference but you should not only be concerned with the colours but also to smell and components of the wall paint. Since there are children in the house, you should make sure that the type of paint that you will buy and use is safe for children. It is best if it is odourless too, especially if you’re doing the work while there are children around.
  2. Avoid buying furniture with pointy edges – you know how children can be very playful. They love to play and run around the house. And one of the things that worry parents the most is them having an accident in the house. Therefore, make sure to avoid buying furniture with sharp and pointy edges to avoid them having nasty cuts, their head hit or any kind of accident.
  3. Place safety caps to electric sockets – another thing in the house that you should be concerned with is the electric sockets. It can be very dangerous especially for naughty kids. It is advisable that you strategically place them in hidden areas like in the back of the furniture, way up high that children can’t reach or if not possible, then make sure to place safety caps, especially when unused.
  4. Place kitchen utensils especially knife where children couldn’t reach – it is also advisable that you keep your kitchenware especially knives on very top drawers or cabinets, where children can’t find it or reach it. Also, do not let them wander in the kitchen on their own.
  5. Make sure to have double lock on your doors – lastly, you should make sure that you have a reliable security system in the house. Place a double lock on every door to avoid kids getting out of the house without adult supervision. Also, make sure the main gate is always close. You do not want your kids running in the streets without adult supervision.

Having your first house is indeed a wonderful achievement. Therefore, make sure that you take care of it and arrange it to become a beautiful, comfortable, safe and secured home for your family.