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The 4 Things that Really Affect How Your Living Room Looks

There are four key things that really affect how your living room looks, and here they are.

  1. Lighting

There is nothing worse than a dark room, we all instinctively know this. As human beings, we prefer rooms that are light and bright, not stifled by darkness. So, if your living room is too dark, it will not be a very pleasant space to spend time. To fix the problem, you need to get the balance right between natural light and electric lighting. Remove any fixtures or fittings that are blocking any of the natural light flowing in through the window. If the room only has a small window, you will have to compensate by installing a large light fixture and other lamps that keep the room illuminated.

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  1. The Floor Material

The floor is one of the things that we notice first when we walk into a room. And it’s also a feature that many people don’t pay so much attention to when they are decorated their living room. But, for me, it’s something that is even more important than the paint on the walls. If the material you use on your floor is of a poor quality, people will notice this straight away. That’s why you should try to use the highest quality wood that you can find if you are opting for wood. And the same can be said for the carpet you choose if you prefer carpet to wood. If your wooden floor has been in place for years and has started to look tired and dull, consider hardwood floor refinishing. This will give it a new lease of life.

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  1. Use of Space

How you use the space in your living room is very significant indeed. A small room can be made to feel much larger if you put some effort into arranging in an intelligent way. There needs to be a clear path through the room. That way, it won’t feel like you’re tackling an assault course every time you walk through the room. There are plenty of tricks that you can employ to make a small room look bigger and avoid a big room looking smaller than it is. You should keep things to a minimum to stop the room looking like it’s overflowing with stuff. You could also hang plenty of mirrors on the walls.

  1. The Focal Point

The furniture you put in your living room obviously has a big impact on how it all looks and feels. But it’s the focal point that really matters. This is the central element that everything else in the room revolved around, so you shouldn’t underestimate how important it is. At the same time, it can have an impact if your living room lacks a focal point. If you ask me, you should always have something that holds the room together and unifies its design. If you have too many things fighting for attention, it can make the room feel cluttered. It’s much better to have one thing, such as a striking sofa or a fireplace that acts as the focal point.

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