10 Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful

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Maintaining a more serene home can be difficult at times especially when you have kids running around. Since our days begin and end at home, we have to keep it as well-organized and peaceful as possible. In keeping the home a less-stressful environment, you may try these simple real-life hacks.

1. Conquer clutter

Being busy is not enough reason to forget the orderliness of your home. Tackle small clutters every time the opportunity presents itself before the smallness became too big to even start tackling it. Put simply, don’t wait for the cleaning day to come before you do such.

2. Add splashes of color

Or, should we say add the right color? Lighter shades of blue, for instance, elicit calmness; it reminds the onlooker of the ocean and sky. The same goes with painting your home with shades of green, which is the color of nature. Combine the two colors and you can have the best of both worlds. It could be the paint, but it can also be the accents such as pillows, flowers, rugs, etc.

3. Remove bad vibes

Certain things inside our home can evoke feelings of loneliness. A picture, painting or hanky that reminds of a bad memory and other stressful thoughts. These things attract bad energy as well aside from ruining your mood and dampening your spirit whenever you see it. Stash these things away if possible.

4. Bring nature indoors

Put plants on corners, windowsills, staircase or anywhere appropriate. Plants breathe new life and growth to the space. Don’t forget to let the natural light into the rooms by opening the blinds throughout the day.

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful - nature inside

5. Embrace space

One of the several things that can make a dweller feel tensed is the overstuffed room. There should be enough walking space around your pieces of furniture. The rule of thumb is 2 ½ feet. Leave enough space between the furniture and the wall, too.

6. Add a water element

Water creates a calming sound as well. It could be a tabletop fountain or a small round aquarium. Just make sure that it coordinates with the overall décor in the house to make the ambiance more serene. Put it somewhere where it will not cause damage to the furnishing or flooring.

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful - water elements

7. Balance soft and hard

Hard elements in a room such as glass or wooden coffee table provide stability. On the other hand, soft elements bring comfort. So, try to balance them out. Make sure there’s a hard element for every soft element in your room. Or, envelope the hard elements with soft elements. A perfect example is a plush sofa beside the coffee table.

8. Accessorize

Aside from soft fabrics, you may also put other decorative elements such as candles atop the coffee table. Another good option is an aromatherapy diffuser or air purifier in lavender scent.

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful - accesorize

9. Keep reminders

Plants can really exude relaxed feeling around the home. To amp it up a bit, you may put paintings that say ‘breathe’ or ‘relax.’ Your own life motto will do. You may also put a seashell on a shelf where you can see to remind you of your previous vacation.

10. Sleep well

When everything gets cranky, all you need is a good night sleep to fade the crankiness away. Invest on comfortable sheets. There are instances when your plants and flowers may not be able to take the weight off your shoulders. But, covering yourself with irresistible softness from head to toe might just do the trick.

Our home doesn’t just give us the shelter we need, but it is also a place where we are able to unwind and relax after a long day at work. Our home is a sanctuary that reflects who we are really. If you cannot keep your home peaceful, then you have to live with a messy life as well. On the other hand, the things outlined above could be what you need right now to create the ambiance that you love going home to.


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Christine de Guzman is a freelance writer and blogger for Alveo Land. Alveo Land offers an extensive portfolio of holistic communities with relevant, thoughtfully-designed amenities, and customer-focused services that ensure its residents and end-users live well.


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