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3 Reasons Style Matters When Choosing Replacement Windows

It’s projected that in 2018, American homeowners will spend nearly $340 billion on residential renovations and repairs–an increase of 7.5% from estimated 2017 spending. By taking the time to prepare for your window replacement project, you can ensure that your undertaking will give you the most bang for your buck. Proper planning, as well as the right products and contractor, will help ensure the success of your window upgrade.

The first step to planning your project, though, is figuring out what type of replacement window you’re looking for. Is a sliding window ideal for your lifestyle? Or is a double-hung more suited to your needs? Deciding on new windows for your home involves carefully considering your structure, family and environment The style you pick for your windows can be just as important as the color, design and architectural style of your home when it comes to curb appeal or resale value. Installing windows that truly complement your home’s style will add to its beauty, and when it’s time to put your property on the market, you’ll have potential buyers clambering for your door.

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Today, we will walk you through what each of the different window styles offer you and your family, as well as their unique features, to help you determine which of them is best for your lifestyle.

Window Styles that Offer Convenience

First things first: Why are you getting replacement windows and what features should you look for in your new units? Identifying what you truly need is the most important part of your selection process. Are you looking for something that will offer a smooth and easy operation? Do you want new windows that will ensure the safety of your loved ones? Or perhaps you want something that will provide utmost enjoyment, in terms of beauty, comfort and functionality, for your family? Even if you want all of these things, it’s smart to create a list of what you want and need the most.

In most cases, homeowners look for windows that won’t give them a hard time when opening or closing. Simple, classic casement windows are a prime choice when you want to focus on convenience. Casement windows operate mostly like a door, with its panels opening outward easily. They come with an easy-to-grasp handle, which is a big plus if they’re installed in difficult-to-access areas. Their side hinges allow them to catch breezes effortlessly, and they have no rails to obstruct your view.

Sliding windows, on the other hand, roll along a track that allows their panels to glide smoothly from side to side. You need only exert minimal effort to slide their panels, which is a great point to consider if you have senior or injured members in the family.

Window Styles that Help Keep Your Family Safe

The safety of your family should always come first, which is why you should definitely consider a window style that will serve this purpose. In addition to providing convenience, sliding windows also promote family safety. With their large and easy-to-open panels, they allow egress during an emergency. Because they glide sideways, you’re unlikely to accidentally hit someone while opening their panes. It’s also a lot easier and faster to exit through a window that slides open easily rather than through one that needs to be cranked open, such an awning style window.

Double hungs are also an excellent option. They have two operable sashes which you can open fully, allowing as much egress as necessary. Simply slide the panes upward or downward to create an opening for you and your family to access in case of an emergency.

Window Styles that Provide Utmost Enjoyment

Looking to add beauty, comfort and functionality to your home? Picture, bay and bow, and specialty windows are some of your top choices! Picture windows have an expansive glass area to help maximize your outdoor views. They also allow for plenty of natural light in your spaces. Bay and bow windows, on the other hand, help boost curb appeal through their unique, protruding style. They also offer extra space inside that you can transform into a sitting nook or a storage area.

Specialty windows are probably the most fun to work with, because they come in virtually any shape and size, complementing a wide range of home styles. So whether your home is traditional, modern or a mix of both, you’ll find a specialty window perfectly suited to your taste.

The right replacement windows for your home can turn a dull, boring room into something that is functional and enjoyable. In addition, they can improve your home’s curb appeal, comfort, safety and energy efficiency. When you know which window style to choose, the next step is to seek a reliable window contractor. The right company will recommend the ideal products for your home, allowing you to maximize your investment and turn your window dreams into reality.

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Larry Landes is president and owner of Renewal by Andersen of Central and Northern New Jersey. He credits his remarkable success to, “working with…a great company that is about having caring, dedicated people and treating each customer as the unique and special person they are.” Larry’s decades of experience in both the commercial and residential service, combined with his advanced training from Renewal by Andersen, ensure that he and his team are able to deliver on their promises each and every time.


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