Window Style and Performance: Counting the Ways Bay Windows Deliver

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If you’re looking to transform your home’s look and improve its comfort and energy efficiency, a window replacement is an option that can bring tremendous value for you. More specifically, consider a bay window replacement as it can enhance both your home’s interior and exterior.

Indoors, these windows provide panoramic views as well as more natural light, adequate ventilation and additional square footage. Meanwhile, outside, the windows add dimension to your home, creating traditional appeal with a modern touch that will surely draw attention.

What’s a Bay Window?

Bay windows are a type of window that projects outward. Generally, they are composed of a central window, typically a fixed one, and two side windows that are operable. The fixed window is parallel to the wall. Meanwhile, the side windows can be set at varying angles: 30°, 45°, 60°, or 90°. Double hung and casement windows are typically used as side windows.

They are often confused with bow windows, partly because of their names, but mostly because of their appearance. Bay windows are polygonal in shape, made of three panels, while bow windows are more circular in shape, composed of at least four windows to form an arc.

But whether you install a bay window in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, it can definitely give a number of irresistible advantages.

How do Bay Windows deliver? Benefits and Advantages of Bay Windows

Bay windows can benefit your home in a number of ways.

I. Aesthetics

Bay windows are usually found in Victorian homes, but they are also growing in popularity as an option for boosting appeal in modern homes, thanks to the window style’s classic silhouette. They can be installed in any room but are most common in living rooms and bedrooms.

II. Functionality

As bay windows can be installed anywhere, they can take on a variety of functions. In kitchens, for instance, a portion can be converted into a breakfast nook with the addition of a bay window. Looking to create space for a home office? Bay windows can help you with that.  They can even be used for extra storage, depending on how the window is designed, such as an alcove seat with space at the bottom for storing a variety of things. Because bay windows feature a timeless design, they are ideal for both traditional and modern homes.

III. Healthy Indoor Environment

As bay windows offer the option to install two operable windows, one at each side, you can enjoy a refreshing breeze coming from two directions instead of only one. Furthermore, their design and size also allow for maximum natural light. This can help you save on energy costs, as you won’t have to rely on artificial lighting all the time. Natural light is also said to offer mental health benefits. Sufficient exposure to daylight is known to improve one’s mood and also assists in regulating sleep patterns.

IV. Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above, bay windows allow more natural light to enter the home, letting you save on costs by reducing dependence on artificial lighting during the day. But aside from this, modern bay window assemblies can also help you save on energy costs by taking advantage of features that let them combat passive heat gain.

Take for instance bay windows by Renewal by Andersen. They have low-emissivity, double-pane glass with argon gas fills fitted into highly insulative Fibrex framing material. Such a combination results in a window with low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) but high visible transmission (VT), meaning a significant portion of heat from sunlight is blocked but none of the accompanying natural light is impeded. Indoor heat is kept in and outdoor heat is kept out as well, helping normalize temperature inside the home.

V. Overall Value

Given what they have to offer, from the enhanced aesthetic appeal and additional square footage to excellent ventilation and natural light, bay windows offer overall great value. Even if you’re planning on selling your home, getting bay windows give you the opportunity to make your home doubly attractive. Many homeowners will appreciate the added aesthetics and space that bay windows provide, especially with the bonus energy efficiency benefits.

Bay windows have a lot to offer so they make great additions to any home. However, to make the most of them as replacements, make sure you work only with a trusted window contractor in your area. By enlisting the aid of a reputable professional, you can assure that you’ll not only be provided with quality windows but expert installation as well, which is necessary for guaranteeing window performance.


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