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11 Cost-Effective Tips to Spice Up the Look of Your Home

Want to upgrade the look and feel of your home, but scared that it might blow a hole in your pocket? Don’t worry.  Not all ideas of home decoration need a big investment of money and time. There are many simple, easy and inexpensive ways in which you can add interest to the look of your home.

So, here are a few decoration ideas you can consider incorporating in your home to freshen up its appearance:

Rearrange Furniture


Place the furniture at some distance from your walls. Consider positioning the furniture pieces at intriguing angles. For example, if the room is narrow, the sofa should be arranged diagonally. This would make the room appear wider, and would give it an inviting, warm layout.

Clean and Paint

A fresh coat of paint or a clean up of the existing doors and moldings can work wonders for your home. Look for useful utensils or new colors at any home improvement store in your locality.

You may also consider painting one wall using one of your favorite colors. This wall may serve as the focal point. Place some interesting piece of art on the wall, and put an appealing furniture piece there.

Place die cut Decorative Pieces

If die cutting is one of your hobbies, then you can create some great decorative pieces to include in your home. All you need to have is a good die cutting equipment. Go for creating die cut flowers, laces, and other designs in paper or fabric, and place them on walls, furniture pieces and other places.

Bring in Light and Color

The blend of good lighting and vibrant colors produces an instant cheerfulness. When talking about lighting, try to get in an ample amount of natural light. Not only it brightens up your home, but also creates a good ambience.


Include Plants

Bring in some plants inside your home to fill the space with fresh air. In case you don’t have the time to water and look after plants, get a few silk trees and plants. Their quality is so great that you would find it difficult to distinguish between the artificial plants and the real ones.

Hang a Mirror or Pictures

Consider hanging pictures on the walls, which reflect your unique personality. Go for ornate frames. In case you hang a mirror, go for positioning it such that it gives the reflection of a nice view, or some appealing architectural element.

Avoid Cluttering

Clutter plays a major role in deteriorating the look and feel of your home. Keep it neat and simple. Incorporate vertical space by placing bookcases in closets, or shelves, to avoid clutter to the maximum.

Place Group Figurines

Pull out some great collectibles. Display them to showcase your personality. Create a space for display, and place the objects relating to one another together.

Place Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are a great way of incorporating patterns and textures to a room. You can use them for jazzing up a chair or sofa.


Place Candle Holders or Candles

These become the center of attraction. In case you have a few ornate candle holders, go for trying those. Create a balance by using two candle holders at the minimum.

Showcase Pottery

Warm and earthy, pottery is always an appealing addition for your home.
So, go ahead and implement some of these home décor ideas to give your home an aesthetic appeal. They are simple to employ, and don’t call for any significant investment. And yes, you are certainly going to have fun during the process!



Author Bio:

Mia Jones lives in California. She is working as a Content Developer in Advanced Die Supplies, Inc. Making craft projects using die cutting equipment and letterpress printing technology is one of her hobbies.


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