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10 Ideas for Rustic Bathroom Decor to Inspire You

Rustic designs for bathroom have significant importance in the construction industry. The reason for their increasing popularity is their exquisite simplicity that amplifies the peaceful feeling you have in this smallest room of your home.

There are plenty of different ideas to give a rustic touch to the bathroom. In this post, we will explain ten ideas, which will undoubtedly inspire you.

  1. Rustic Bathroom Tub:

This striking contrast with common bathroom designs looks appealing. It contradicts with modern washrooms, and this makes it must consider element for the rustic bathroom. Its chipped look will instantly make you fall in love with it.

  1. Rustic Touch Sink:

You can adopt this if you are not the fan of the full-length long cabin. It still is possible to enjoy rustic touch in your washroom.

Tile and modern sink can be beautifully intermingled with the wooden shelf. In this way, natural tone of wood can show up.

  1. Hang Antique Accessories:

Small vintage mirrors and tiny framed pictures can double the calmness of rustic washroom. To display antique accessories in the washroom is an enchanting idea.

  1. Stuck In Rain:

Going close to nature is what rustic bathroom is all about. It lets you enjoy the rural way of living. What could be more soothing than enjoying the rain? This fantastic shower can get you caught in the storm, no matter what the forecast is. Combined with natural stonewall and earth color palette it will take you into the serene beauty of nature.

  1. Vintage Towel Hook:

Rustic designs have the number of ways to beautify the bathroom. One of them is vintage towel holder. It keeps the things as simple as rural living. It can stand out in the white color.

Two wood planks of different sizes are joined and the pure iron door handle is attached to their top. It becomes a unique towel hook or holder. Remaking usual designs in unusual ways is the core of rustic designs. These small adjustments have a significant impact on the overall look.

  1. Jar Light Fixture:

This little renovation can entirely change the way your bathroom looks. It would add the glimpse of rustic décor. You have to make amendments in lighting fixtures.  You can use different types of jars to engulf the light. Mason jar vanities are the best to add a little rustic touch. Planks are cut to desired dimensions, and then chains are attached in pipes to support the jars.

  1. Wood Framed Mirror with Storage:

Wood indeed is a necessary ingredient of rustic bathroom designs. Mirror framed with weathered lumber that resembles a traditional window box is an excellent choice to give the rustic touch. The box gives you space to keep perfumes or items needed for quick touch up before leaving home. This extra storage is convenient for small bathrooms.

Another good option is to keep the standing desk in the bathroom and install the mirror right above it. You can place the variety of accessories on this desk. However, this option only works if your bathroom is big enough.

  1. Whiskey Barrel Sink:

Rustic designs are about thinking different or entirely out of the box. Just as unique as an idea of using the whiskey barrel sink. It can make the perfect base for the sink. Fit the copper basin at one end of the barrel. Cut out the door of the barrel for plumbing. Thus, it is possible to utilize the inside area of the barrel as storage space. This is an alluring design idea for rustic bathrooms.

  1. Concrete Sink & Barn Door:

This is a perfect scheme for the rustic bathroom. It is very suitable for lodges. The purpose of creamy color on the walls is to avoid the weird basement look and make an enticing contrast with wooden floor and cabinet. Concrete sinks give the fabulous farmhouse style. The ceiling is also wooden to make it look lavish. A beautiful sliding barn door is a typical element of the rustic washroom.

  1. Heavy Plank Shelves:

These planks are simple and effective hacks for a rustic bathroom. All you have to do is to assemble plumbing hardware and pipes and fix them into walls as wood shelves. The best place to install them is near the sink. You can build them in any size. It can also be used as a towel holder.

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