Choosing the Perfect Cabinets for Your Bathroom

Last Updated on March 15, 2022 by Kravelv

Remodeling the bathroom is a powerful upgrade.  Trends continue to lean towards relaxation, tranquility and a spa like features.  Minimalism has taken over with an increasing emphasis on storage solutions that keep the sink and toilet clutter free.  When updating your bathroom, one of the most important considerations will be cabinetry as it adds to the aesthetic of the space and offers practical storage solutions.

Despite this, the process of remodeling involves so many choices that homeowners often become confused and indecisive, especially regarding some of the larger design details like cabinetry.  You will also be presented with many colors/stains to choose from, in addition to narrowing down which kind of cabinets you want.  There is a cabinet style and color to suit any taste and decor.    

New cabinetry is one of the larger impact items in any remodel; as such, it is important to choose wisely.  If you are like many people, you may be wondering where to start and how to make the right choice?  Continue reading to for some great tips on selecting just the right cabinetry for your bathroom!

Take Time to Research

It is important to understand that there is no one size fits all option.  Instead, you must first consider your style and needs.  Before making any decisions, stop and consider how much time you will spend in the bathroom, your specific needs and preferences, as well as the function of the space.  For instance, if you are remodeling a simple guest bathroom, you may only need a few aptly placed cabinets, whereas your needs for a master bath remodel may look very different.

The best part about choosing custom cabinetry is that you can fully customize everything to meet your unique needs.  Thus, if you have bought into the bathroom spa aesthetic, you can install helpful features like cabinets especially for linens, built-in space for a wireless speaker, or even a TV.  It all comes down to your space and its function.  Based on this information, you should move on to choosing the color, style, design, materials, and cabinetry type.

Look for Inspiration

After considering what you need, if you are still lacking for ideas, seek inspiration from magazines, home improvement websites, books, etc.  Find ideas that inspire you and customize them to work in your space.  Don’t be afraid to go visit a cabinetry company’s show room where you visualize cabinet options to further determine the right choices for your remodel.  Once you have completed these first two steps, you should have at least a rough plan of what you are looking for.

Express Yourself

In addition to the many color and material types available, there are also quite a wide range of cabinet styles.  Most people utilize one or several of the three different groups of cabinets that are popular in bathroom remodels today.

First off, you would expect to see a vanity, sink, countertop combo in any bathroom, whether it is old or recently remodeled.  Hence, this will be your first consideration when updating your space.  In years past, this may have been enough to call it quits; however, today’s remodels offer much better storage solutions like adding cabinetry that utilizes vacant wall space and over the toilet storage.  It is also common for built in furniture like hampers or linen closets to be present in the design as well.  To incorporate your style and theme more fully, you may want to add suite cabinets that bring the entire bathroom aesthetic together.

Once you have decided on the design and placement of bathroom cabinets, you can choose a specific style.  You can go with rustic, traditional, modern, chic, eclectic, or nearly any other style you can think of.  No matter what style you are looking to achieve, your cabinets can be customized to create just the right look.

It is easy to get caught up on merely aesthetic pursuits; however, don’t make the mistake of sacrificing function for looks.  With so many practical features available, be sure to design your cabinets with storage solutions in mind.  As such, consider modern touches like linen towers, built-in drawer dividers, designated hanging spaces for the day’s clothing, cosmetic trays, etc.

Consider Style Trends

When making decisions about remodeling, be sure to consider modern trends that will help add equity to your home.  Currently, home trends seek to maximize the functionality, appearance, and space available in the area that is being remodeled.

In addition to added storage, current trends are also emphasizing the lighting in the bathroom.  Afterall, some of the most tedious work of the day occurs in the bathroom.  Whether it is make-up application, putting in contacts, cleansing and moisturizing after a long day, or waiting for those two pink lines, a bit of extra light is beneficial and attractive.  Consider customizing your cabinetry with light rails, adding lights around the mirror, or recessed lighting to brighten up the space even if it lacks natural lighting.

Where trends once leaned towards basic vanities that lacked detail, and often appeared cheap, today’s styles favor more luxurious options that mirror the look of furniture.  People are consistently looking for relaxation and escape when they enter their bathroom.  As such, darker pieces in cherry or walnut have quickly gained momentum.  Vanities are styled to look like high end living room furniture with smaller more detailed feet, taller dimensions, and attractive hardware.

Ultimately the goal is a space where tranquility can be experienced, the soak tub can be enjoyed, and for just a minute there an escape from the hustle and bustle of fast paced American life.  Furniture choices, color schemes, designs, and material choices all work together to create an atmosphere of peace and rest, that can be enjoyed after the most stressful of days.

Another aspect of modern remodeling is the idea of cohesive design throughout the entire house.  One of the most apparent examples of this is the use of open floor plans that boast of matching flooring all throughout the home.  The same trend is becoming popular in cabinetry as many people are choosing to match their kitchen cabinets, with their built-in living room storage, and cabinetry installed in the bathroom.  While this prevents the bathroom from being a standalone space, it allows for cohesiveness, and a seamless flow from one room of the home into another.  

With so many cabinetry options available, the sky is the limit!  Take time to consider the full picture and then create the perfect bathroom haven for you and yours!

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