How to Choose the Best Flowers for Window Boxes

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

In addition to the decorative potted plants that grow inside the house, people like their home to be decorated with flowers on the outside as well. This primarily refers to windows and terraces, which should complement the look of the house or apartment.

The choice of flowers for window boxes is vast, but you should pay attention to several things before buying some.

Before you head to the florist or decide to buy flowers online in Dubai, make sure you know exactly how you wish your window boxes to look.

Now, let’s see what you should consider when choosing flowers for your window boxes.

Essential Factors to Consider When Buying Flowers for Window Boxes

Start by considering the following things:

1. Is your window or balcony on a sunny or shady side of the house/apartment?

2. What are the climate conditions you live in?

3. What is the window/balcony size?

4. What is the lifespan of a flower you like? Let us take a more in-depth look into every one of the things we mentioned above.

Sunny or Shady Side of the House

Before choosing flowers for window boxes, you should know that not all flowers require equal light.

According to the amount of sunlight necessary for growth, flowers are divided into three categories: 

– flowers that require a large amount of light,

– flowers that like partial shade and 

– flowers that need shade to grow.

Choose flowers depending on the amount of sunlight that reaches the window where you plan to place the window boxes. If the conditions are not optimal, the flowers will not thrive.

Climate Conditions

When choosing flowers, you must also take into account what kind of climate prevails in your area. Even though you like a particular flower, if it does not thrive in your area, it is best not to buy such flowers for your window boxes.

Each flower has its own “instructions” for growing, which should be strictly followed. Therefore, before planting flowers, be well informed about the growing conditions. If you don’t do that, you may end up in a situation where you have to start all over again.

Once you know all about the conditions of growing flowers, you will easily choose the one that suits you. Moreover, then you can even buy flowers online, without fear of making a mistake.

Window Size and Appearance

In case this part seems irrelevant to you, believe me, it is not. The size of the window on which you want to place the window boxes is very important. The reason is apparent. Not all flowers grow to the same height, and not every flower fit into the exterior style of your home.

A flower may be small at the time you buy it, but it will undoubtedly grow in the coming period. That’s why you need to know how much flowers can actually grow. It would not be really good to buy a flower that will overgrow and cover the whole window in a few months.

Another thing that makes the size of the window important is the choice of window boxes. Window boxes should go from corner to corner of your window to be as effective as possible. So, whether you make window boxes yourself or hire someone to make it for you, you need to know their dimensions.

Also, the shape and appearance of the window are fundamental when choosing flowers for the window boxes. Some windows will fit better with green creeper plants, while some will get a more exciting look with flowers of different colors.

Flower Lifespan

Flowers are divided into annual and perennial flowers according to their lifespan. As the name suggests, the life cycle of an annual flower lasts one year (usually only a few months). At the same time, flowers from the group of perennials bloom over many years.

If you want your window boxes to look the same for several years, perennial flowers are the right choice. However, if you are someone who loves change, choose annual flowers, until you find the right combination of flowers for your window boxes.

If you’ve looked at all of these guidelines, but are still unsure about which flowers to choose, check out these additional tips:


Some may say that every flower is beautiful and that you should not think so much about the choice of flowers, whether they are intended for growing in a house, window or garden. But, rest assured that’s not the case.

Few ornamental plants can grow successfully without adequate care. Therefore, to be able to enjoy your flowers, it is crucial to know their needs, especially if you decide to buy flowers online.