Window Replacement: The Important Reasons Not to Postpone It

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Damaged or old and dilapidated windows don’t often become a priority. It is common for window replacement plans to end up on the back burner and for homeowners to completely forget about them until such time that the damaged windows are already causing unignorable inconvenience and discomfort. In this post, you’ll learn the reasons why you shouldn’t postpone window replacement and find out how failing to replace a window when it is already harboring serious damage can prove to be a costly mistake.

Compromised Energy Efficiency

What so many people don’t realize is that windows play a much bigger role than simply providing a magnificent view of the outdoors and improving ventilation in the home, also having a part in reducing a property’s energy consumption. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy-efficient windows can reduce a home’s electricity consumption by as much as 25%. This goes to say that if your home has never been fitted with energy-efficient windows, you could be paying 25% more on your electric bills than you should.

MORE THAN JUST A GOOD VIEW. Aside from providing a good view of the outdoors, windows also play a part in keeping your home energy-efficient.

Furthermore, if your windows have been installed for decades, they likely don’t have energy efficiency features like today’s windows. If the old windows are no longer as weathertight as they were before, they may be letting a significant amount of energy escape without you noticing, too.

Protection Against UV Rays and Heat

Another good reason to not delay window replacement is ensuring protection against the sun’s harmful UV and infrared rays. By installing new windows equipped with low-emissivity (low-E) glass, you can protect furniture, flooring, and other belongings that are directly exposed to sunlight passing through the windows. You see, the sun’s rays can cause paint or other coating material to fade sooner than expected. The color of carpets, wooden flooring, furniture, and artwork fades faster when exposed to direct sunlight.

A Healthy Indoor Environment

Homes that aren’t fitted with energy-efficient windows, as well as other ventilation systems or techniques, usually end up feeling stuffy inside because of stale air and moisture buildup. Not only does this make the home uncomfortable, it also poses health concerns. Homes with improper ventilation are prone to airborne bacteria, viruses, and pollutants that can cause respiratory problems and skin conditions.

Do You Need Window Replacement? Know the Signs

Not sure if you need to replace your windows already? Check out for these signs:

  1. Physical damage. The most obvious sign that a window needs to be replaced is that if it’s worn out or damaged beyond repair, such as in the case of broken glass.
  2. Broken seals. In multi-pane windows, manufacturers fill the space between the panes with inert gas then seal the edges. The gas fill is supposed to act as an additional insulation barrier. If for some reason the seal gets broken and the gas leaks, the energy efficiency and insulation properties of the window will be reduced. This will affect your energy bills, as the home would need to consume more energy to maintain a comfortable climate.
  3. Gaps around the window frame. Leaks or gaps may also occur between the window frame and the wall. This can happen because of several reasons. In some cases, it may just be an issue of worn out weatherstripping, but it could also be because of frame warping and structural movement. This is common among old wooden window frames. Drafts can get through these gaps, and energy can also escape through them.
  4. Mechanical or operational failure. If the mechanical functions of the window begin to fail to cause undue difficulty in opening or closing the window, replacement may be due. There are cases when the mechanical portions of the window simply need a bit of cleaning and lubricating, but it is also possible that they are already damaged beyond repair. In such situations, it would be better to consider getting a replacement window than having the old one repaired.

NEW WINDOWS FOR A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT. Energy-efficient and fully functional windows allow adequate ventilation and airflow that help make indoor environments healthier.

When Should You Replace a Window?

Once you’ve noticed any or all of the signs mentioned above, the best time to replace the windows is ASAP. However, let’s face it–one of the most common reasons why homeowners postpone a window replacement project is because it can be expensive. The cost of a new window including installation costs can be significant, especially if a lot of windows need replacing.

Look for a window contractor that offers promos, financing options, and flexible payment terms for your convenience.

The solution is to find window contractors that offer promotional prices for excellent quality windows. These promos happen more often than you might think. In fact, if you search the internet for windows being offered at promotional prices, there’s a good chance you’ll find at least one in your area.

In case you can’t find a window company offering promotional rates, you might want to look for one that provides financing options. Reliable window companies take into account the cost of window replacement and that such a project can be a significant financial investment for most homeowners, which is why they are willing to offer financing options to clients that require more convenient payment terms.

Don’t Forget About Warranties

If you’re already convinced that you shouldn’t postpone replacing your windows and you’re ready to search for the best deals in your area, there are a few things you should take into consideration first, one of which is window warranties.

New windows typically always have a warranty. In fact, some of the best types, such as those with frames made of Fibrex, have longer warranties. Moreover, some distributors offer warranties that not only cover the product but installation as well. Some warranties are even transferable from owner to owner, giving you selling point to highlight should you decide to put your home on the market.

So, when searching for the best deals in your area, make sure that you also consider the warranty that a contractor is offering and not just the costs of a window. Warranties help make window replacement worthy of your money, as you are assured that your investment will remain protected even years after the installation.

If there’s ever a good time to consider replacing your old and damaged windows, it’s today. Always keep in mind that the longer you postpone this project, the more you’ll be suffering from high energy bills, uncomfortable environment, damaged furnishings, and even health issues. It shouldn’t be difficult to find suitable replacement windows, so there really isn’t any reason to put yourself into unnecessary suffering. If you want to learn more about window replacement, don’t hesitate to give your local window expert a call.


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