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Window and Door Trends for 2018

Windows and doors play a prominent role in adding more style and aesthetics to your home’s overall appearance. Even a small change in their glasses, frames or colors can create a great difference in the visual accent and functionality. Homeowners, designers, and architects are now seeking on-trend options for these, to maintain the integrity of their property.

As 2018 takes off, you might also be excited to know about the next home design trends to find out and decide the best fit for your home. Like any other part of the world, Canada’s windows and doors’ trends are also evolving over time. Here are some top windows and doors trends for 2018, which you would want to know.

  • Black Frames and Natural Wood

Black frames on natural wood have become the first choice for most of designers and homeowners these days. It is nothing other than the sophistication that it brings, that makes it the most favored one. More importantly, black frames can go with any material and any design. Especially, with the increasingly popular farmhouse style designs. Windows with more exotic, fine-grained woods such as Oak and Mahogany are the most commonly used rather than the traditional ones.

  • Crisp Lined Windows

Aluminum or steel framed windows are the trending ones among them. Its frames are smaller than the wood, therefore provides cleaner lines.  As a window with clean, crisp lines go well with both traditional and modern houses, these are in high demand today.

  • Rectangular Floor to Ceiling Windows

Curved and arched windows were the all-time favorite for home designers and owners. But these days, this trend has been changed. Floor to ceiling windows has gained upper hand over the traditional ones. Especially, those with square and rectangular shapes.

  • Large Glass Doors

When it comes to doors, large glass doors have become a design staple for most of the houses these days. With this addition, you will not only get chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape outside but also will be able to create a good indoor-outdoor connection. To complement this, huge windows have also become an inseparable addition to home decor.

  • French Doors

Sliding glass doors were trending before. But now, French doors are high on demand. These doors with windows surrounded, come with both see-through and walk-through option and thereby provide a visual connection between two spaces.

  • Accordion Style Doors

Love for accordion style doors is also on the rise now. This space-saving type of doors allows much wider opening, helping you enjoy the luxury of a wide open space in addition to controlling the airflow to your living space.

  • Smart Windows

Technology has come a long way with the introduction of smart windows. It enables one to enjoy the features that function in terms of a connected home. Thermochromic windows, which come with tint adjustment and opacity adjustment features, are an added innovation to this technology-driven home design system. These adjustments on these smart windows are fully automated.

Window lock status sensor is another advancement, to mention. The device can be integrated seamlessly into your new or existing security system. It also enables one to check the window’s status, whether it is locked or unlocked.

If you are looking to bring that sophisticated look to your home design, smart windows are one of the best options. This year, this window technology is more likely to be trending.

  • Energy Efficient Windows

Due to energy and cost savings as well as, improved comfort, energy-efficient windows have now become a most favored choice for many. Rightly selected and installed energy efficient windows can eventually reduce the heating, lighting and cooling expenses you may have. Awning windows, vinyl windows, sliding tilt windows, and bay and bow windows are some of the trending ones.

  • Pass-Through Windows

This is one of the few trends passed down from the previous years. With most of the houses having entertainment areas like pools and patios, the pass-through windows has now become a great convenience.

  • Door Decors

Door decor is what many of the homeowners now try out to add more style to their doors. A stand out design element with bold pattern styles, or adding warm metallic details is what homeowners generally consider these days.

In short, homeowners are now veering more towards contemporary styles and designs for their homes. All these are likely to stick around for some time. So, stay on the trend.


Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook

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