7 Important Considerations When Moving

Important Considerations When Moving

Last Updated on July 28, 2023 by Kravelv

Moving is a leap of faith. It’s a fresh start, a new adventure; for many, it’s the way to a better life. Many people are making this leap and choosing to make Memphis, Tennessee, their home. According to a report, Memphis is seeing a sharp rise in millennials moving to the city. So, why Memphis?

And what do you need to consider when planning your move to Memphis or any other city? It’s not just about packing boxes. You must consider living costs, jobs, schools, and more. Each plays a crucial role in making your move a success. Let’s dive in and look at these key considerations for moving.

Understanding the Cost of Living

Stepping into a new city can bring new possibilities, particularly for your career. But before you take that step, remember to assess the cost of living. The cost of living isn’t just about weighing up salaries. It covers a spectrum of expenses — from housing costs, food prices, and healthcare charges to even the costs of enjoying yourself. Storage costs are often overlooked, especially if you’re downsizing or need additional space.

For instance, if you’re moving to Tennessee, you should research the cost of Memphis storage units and other living expenses. The goal is financial balance. You want to ensure you spend less than you earn, and storing your belongings shouldn’t break the bank. Remember, relocation is not just about making ends meet but about comfortable and sustainable living.

Evaluating Local Education Systems

Assessing the local education system is crucial when moving, especially for families with kids. A school is more than a learning center—it’s a place that molds character and fosters social bonds. Start by looking into the local schools’ performances. But don’t stop at just the grades. Explore the extracurricular activities offered, too.

These activities nurture well-rounded kids and can tell much about a school’s approach to holistic development. Each school offers a unique environment. Some are more academic; others lean towards sports or the arts. The trick is to find a school that matches your child’s interests and talents. Aim for a school that would allow your child to thrive and develop into their best self.

Proximity to Loved Ones and Extended Family

Family is often the heart of our lives. It’s the network of people who care for us and who we care for. When you plan to move, it’s important to think about your family and friends. Ask yourself, how close do you want to be to them? It might affect where you choose to move. Having family and friends close by can make moving less stressful.

They can give you a feeling of home even when everything around you is new. So, consider the place of your loved ones in your life. Think about whether being close to them is important to you. Remember, a strong support system can boost when you get used to a new place.

Considering Job Opportunities and Market Trends

Moving to a new city means thinking about your career, too. It’s important to check out what jobs are available there. Ask yourself, does this place have the kind of work I do? Are there growing businesses or industries where I could find new opportunities? Remember, you’re not just looking for a job right now. You’re looking for a place where your career can grow over time.

Also, consider the work-life balance you’ll find in this new place. More and more people are working from home these days. If you’re one of them, your job choices might be less tied to your location. Whatever your work situation, make sure you clearly understand your pay, job duties, and any other benefits before you start packing those moving boxes.

Accessibility of Public Transportation

Public transport is a big deal when moving, especially in larger cities. It’s more than just an easy way to avoid searching for parking or dealing with heavy traffic. It’s also about keeping costs low and being kind to the environment. When you plan your move, make sure you look at the price of commuting.

It is an expense you need to include in your budget. Easy access to buses, trains, or subways isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have in today’s fast-moving urban life. Remember, your move should make your life easier and more efficient. A good public transport system can play a big part in that.

Embracing the Local Culture and Entertainment

A new city isn’t merely a set of coordinates on a map—it’s a symphony of experiences, and its culture and entertainment set the tune. This rhythm shapes your lifestyle, influencing how you spend your free time and shaping your local community. So, when planning your move, peek into the city’s cultural heartbeat. Look for galleries, music venues, parks, or local festivals that align with your interests.

If you’re a food lover, scout for culinary diversity, from farmers’ markets to cozy diners and upscale restaurants. Love the outdoors? Check for hiking trails or nearby beaches. Each city offers a unique flavor of life, blending historical traditions with contemporary trends. Make sure the city’s cultural mix stirs your soul and sparks your enthusiasm because this will truly make your new address feel like home.

Assessing Neighborhood Safety

Moving to a new place can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. One of the key concerns that can keep you up at night is the safety of your new neighborhood. Here, knowledge is power. First, do a deep dive into the local crime stats. It will give you a clear picture of the safety of the neighborhood. Next, talk to people who live in the area.

Nothing beats first-hand accounts for understanding the real situation. Local law enforcement is another great resource. They can provide accurate crime rates and offer safety tips specific to the area. Think about a home security system too. It might be just the thing to give you that extra peace of mind. Remember, feeling safe in your home is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. By doing your homework, you can ensure your new home will be where you and your family feel secure and relaxed.


Moving is a significant life event, bringing excitement and uncertainty. However, it can be an enriching and rewarding journey with careful planning, diligent research, and a clear understanding of what matters most to you. Ultimately, remember that relocating is more than just a geographical change—it’s about building a new life that aligns with your aspirations, values, and dreams.