Ensuring a Clean and Safe Home for Post-Surgery Recovery

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Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Kravelv

It is a relief to return to your home from the hospital. However, transitioning back to your home isn’t always easy, especially for individuals who have just had surgery. To ensure you recover quickly, you must prepare your home. This is why you must make the proper preparations. Below are some tips that can help you prepare your home for post-surgery care.

Clean the home

The first step in the preparation process is to clean your home thoroughly. Firstly, this is good because you can’t do this while recovering. Secondly, it is vital to prevent post-surgery infections. While cleaning the home, ensure you also organize it.

Do this by listing every vital item you will need during the recovery.  Then, find a way to place these items close to your bed or area where you will spend most of your time. Also, clean your wardrobe and choose comfortable items.

If possible, select loose clothes without zippers or buttons. You can quickly put these on, and they won’t in any way press the bandages on your body. Remember also to choose comfortable slippers or flat shoes. Consider hiring commercial disinfecting services to help disinfect your home and prevent bacteria and germs.

Seek assistance

Though transitioning your home can be easy, you can fully accomplish post-surgery if you seek help from someone close to you, like family or friends. Depending on your surgery, you might be unable to dress, bathe, or even prepare simple meals.

Having another person help you and provide homecare enables you to recover quickly and avoid setbacks. Check if you have a friend or family member who can offer assistance for some weeks. The time you will require will depend on the surgery. If not, consider seeking the services of a professional caregiver for post-surgery care.

Stock up on items

Before your surgery, you must speak with your doctor about the outcomes. You should know the medical supplies you will require while recovering. This knowledge lets you buy all you need and not worry about them during recovery. The medical supplies can include ointments, bandages, and medicine.

Speak with your doctor if you require medical devices like a walker.  Additionally, sticking up on food is vital. Have a list of healthy foods that are easy to prepare. This ensures you know what to buy when shopping, so you don’t need to look around.

It’s best to focus on non-perishable foods since they last longer. However, before stocking up on food, consult your doctor on what is good and bad for your recovery. Eating the right foods helps wounds heal quickly, and the body recovers faster. It’s best to choose whole or unprocessed foods as they contain the nutrition your body needs for proper recovery.

Establish a secure environment

Knowledge of your post-recovery stage should help you think practically. If your bedroom is upstairs and you have limited mobility, move it downstairs. This will help you be closer to all that you require. But, if there is only a single bathroom upstairs, you must remain there as this is very important.

Speaking of bathrooms, ensure they are well equipped. If your surgery will result in limited mobility, installing a grab rail next to the shower and toilet will be easy. You can also choose to buy elevated toilet seats with handles.

Additionally, place a chair or bench in your shower to reduce standing for long. Irrespective of your recovery area, ensure you have a clear path that leads to other vital areas of your home. You must move the furniture or remove rugs that may trip you. It’s best that you don’t risk it and hurt yourself in the process of carrying heavy furniture. Hire a labor-only service to help transfer the pieces elsewhere. With this, you don’t need to lift heavy items, and you can do it before surgery.

Add some lights to your home

After surgery, chances are high that you might be stuck indoors for some time. This can negatively affect your mental health and mood; an easy solution to this is to bring natural light to your home.  Moving your bed close to a window is an excellent way to do this. You might also choose to lose the curtains. For evenings, consider installing remote control light switches to avoid standing up. Consider adding flowers to the room. Apart from their aesthetic functions, plants can also help you psychologically. They can add to your room’s visual appeal and promote well-being.


While there is no control over surgery outcomes, you can control your recovery. The most important thing is to consult your doctor on everything in advance. The information will help you in your preparation. With the information at hand, ensure you prepare your home for recovery after the surgery. This preparation will help reduce the stress accompanying surgeries.

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