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Why it pays to pay attention to your front doors

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Doors primarily protect the major openings to our homes, providing easy entry and exit points. But our doors are good for so much more than these two functions, which is why they should be chosen with care.

Your doors are also responsible for:

Security. In its 2012 crime report, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) predicted that burglaries would occur in one out of every six homes in the U.S. in 2014 alone. The FBI also surmised that many of these burglaries would likely be caused by an unsecured front door. Securing your front door against break-ins is a major security concern. Today, you can choose from various door materials reinforced with top-of-the-line bolting and locking mechanisms to increase the level of security in the home.

Aesthetics. Your front door creates the first impression for your guests. If you’re planning to sell, this may well impact your home’s price – the more impressed potential buyers are by the entrance, the more likely they will be willing to meet your asking price. Look to a trusted manufacturer like ProVia®, for instance, for a diverse product line from which you can select the right door to fit your property’s specific architectural style. These doors also come equipped with intricate finishing for better curb appeal.

Weather protection. Yet another practical function of front doors is protecting the interior of your home from the elements. Steel front doors, in particular, can withstand a lot – which makes them an ideal option for homes in areas that regularly experience inclement weather.

Energy efficiency. Much like windows, doors can curb your home’s energy consumption – if you choose the right ones, that is. Some door types are fitted with glass with multiple glazing in frames that are specially designed for better thermal performance. For the energy-conscious homeowner, we recommend products with the ENERGY STAR® label.

Making the Most of Your Investment

The money you put into your front door is a wise investment on your part. In keeping with this, you need to make sure to take the following factors into consideration prior to a door installation or replacement.



Author Bio:

As the senior marketing specialist at Toms River Door and Window, Alfred Dirnst specializes in bringing information to homeowners that will help them maximize their home improvement goals.


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