Factors To Consider When Looking For A New Boiler


Whether you are planning a new build or your existing boiler has seen better days, if you are looking to fit a replacement any time soon, this article was written for you. Ask any plumber and they will happily confirm that the boiler is the very heart and soul of your central heating system, and when it comes to selecting the right make and model, there are many factors to consider.

  • Go with a tried and trusted brand. If you’re looking to save a little money, a new boiler is definitely not something to take any chances with. Due to the fact that the device is working round the clock, all components need to be of the highest quality, and when you consider that the average bill for a boiler breakdown is over £200, something to remember when you hire a boiler service Rochdale residents rely on.

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  • Think maintenance. Regardless of the make and model, any new boiler must be servicedaccording to the manufacturer’s specifications. Otherwise, their warranty is void, which is covered in the terms and conditions of the purchase – usually stating that failure to adhere to the servicing schedule renders the warranty invalid. When you buy the boiler, you can pay a little extra and the installation company will carry out the servicing, which is typically twice yearly.
  • Seek out a professional opinion. While your neighbour swears by his boiler, his heating system might becompletely different to yours, and by calling in an experienced plumber, youwill be able to make an informed decision. If your boiler is on its way out,Google the nearest plumbing contractor who specialises in heating and they cancarry out exhaustive tests to first establish whether or not replacing theboiler is the best solution. If it is, then they would recommend a brand andcould install it too. There are articles you can find online that will give you more information on what to consider when buying a new boiler.

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  • Check online solutions. If you are expecting to have to spend a day touring plumbing companies, Google is your best friend, and a few minutes searching would have a local expert come round and inspect your system. You can also use the Internet tosource customer reviews regarding different boiler brands, which is a strongindicator of what to expect. You can also visit the boiler maker’s website and take a look at the technical data relating to the model you wish to buy.

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How to Pay for Your Boiler

There is no denying that the upfront costs for a brand new boiler, along with installation can easily run into several thousands of pounds. This isn’t ideal for anyone but is especially difficult for those with limited funds, but fortunately, there are boiler financing options available. 

These schemes allow you to pay for your boiler monthly in small bitesize chunks. Even better some are even offered with 0% interest.

If your boiler is not performing as it should, replacing it might not be necessary. It could be that the element or burner needs to be replaced, and that will cost much less than a replacement boiler. The thermostat might be faulty, in which case, a new one will have the boiler working normally again. Without a professional opinion, it is never a good idea to go ahead with a purchase, as we are talking big ticket items, and with a plumber at hand, at least you know you are buying a recommended unit.

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