What’s Up? New Roofing Technologies for Better Sustainability

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Roofing materials may not change as dramatically and often as other building materials do, but when they do, the changes provide significant benefit to both contractors and customers alike.

These technological changes primarily address a universal concern: energy efficiency. This is because many property owners realize how much they are spending on heating and cooling costs. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that about $40 billion is spent annually on air-conditioning buildings in the US alone. This figure equates to about one-sixth of all electricity generated in the country.

Now, let me give you a look at what’s the latest in technology, and how these help improve the roofing products that we choose for our home.

Solar Reflectivity

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Many new roofing materials are manufactured with the effect of the sun on the home in mind. These new products either reflect the sunlight to reduce unwanted warming or absorb it to convert it to reusable energy.

Durability and Weight

Today’s breakthrough roofing technology has made it possible for roofing products to be more durable yet more lightweight. This makes for longer service life and easier and safer installation.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

As mentioned, most roofing technologies focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. This is manifested by making roofs cooler and greener by being able to resist heat or cold; as well as by being durable enough to prevent leaks and energy waste that contribute to increased energy costs.

Despite all the advancements incorporated and applied in every new roof shingle, manufacturers do not forget to keep their classic and inviting look. Furthermore, they also find ways to enhance the product’s aesthetic attributes by offering more choices of finishes and colors.

New Technology for Better Business

The roofing industry is also looking forward to advancements that are more geared toward the advancement of business operation itself. However, even if these technologies directly benefit the roofing contractors, they also allow consumers to expect better and more efficient services.

Business communication

The rise of teleconferencing as well as video and Web conferencing has provided businesses with more flexibility when it comes to communicating across wide groups. It has helped pave the way for faster and more efficient decision-making and operation.

How can it benefit consumers?

With communications that are more efficient, customers can enjoy a faster response time and services in general.


This technology has been used by manufacturers in producing their advanced products for decades and it continues to improve, helping companies provide more sustainable products.

How can it benefit consumers?

Continuously improving manufacturing technologies promise consumers higher quality roofing products that can not only protect their homes better, but increase their value as well.

Aerial imaging

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The use of drones is widely used in various industries. In the roofing field, contractors can utilize this technology for more efficient, specific, and not to mention, safer roof evaluations and inspections.

How can it benefit consumers?

With this technology, customers can be assured that they are provided with accurate evaluations and recommendations regarding their roof’s condition.



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