What Do I Do With An Old Used Water Filter?

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Water filters are responsible for the removal of contaminants from water. They make tap water taste better, and eliminate odors and particles.

Water filters sydney are designed to work effectively for 4 – 6 months in a commercial or public setting, and 6 – 12 months in a residential setting. Water high in impurities will require a more frequent replacement.

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After this period, the ability to filter will be greatly reduced. This can have serious health consequences if not addressed.

What to Do with Your Old Water Filter?

There are generally five options for your old water filter.

1. Trade for new

Some manufacturers allow their customers to trade their old water filters for new ones with advanced functions.

2. Reuse

Some filters become more durable with regular cleaning. Carbon filters are cleaned by mixing a tablespoon of bleach with one gallon of water. Soak for 7 to 12 minutes. Soak sediment filters in an oxalic solution for 20 minutes.

This approach does not guarantee that the effectiveness of a new filter will be restored in the cleaned one.

3. Dispose of it in the trash

Some manufacturers recommend that filters be put away at the end of their use. Although experts say filters are made of materials that can remain in a dump for over 30 years without breaking down.

However, you must disentangle your water filter before you dispose of it. The outer part is made of plastic, which is usually recyclable. The old filter contains substances that are potentially harmful to the environment.

4. Recycle

Water filter manufacturers are diverse in their products. Some companies incorporate components that make it easy to recycle their products. While others have a recycling program with incentives to motivate their customers to recycle their old water filters.

Most manufacturers do not have a filter recycling program currently. You can contact your local recycling center and inquire about how to dispose of your old filter.

Brands that offer a recycling program

Everpure filters

Everpure filters are made from materials like aluminum and plastic, which are 100% recyclable. They also provide their customers with a list of the drop-off locations.

Brita Filters

The Brita filter is the most easily recycled filter. The brand set up many collection points to facilitate the recycling program called Gimme 5. The program collects old filters, preserves them, and transforms them into household materials like plates, cutlery, food containers, and toothbrushes.

Zero Water

Zero Water promotes filter recycling by incentivizing its customers for every recycled filter. Customers get a $10 coupon for their next purchase, compensating for the shipping fee.

Filtrete Water Station filter

Filtrete filters are made of plastic #2, which is completely recyclable.


The Mavea filter program allows consumers to recycle water filters. Consumers can return their filters to the company in a recycling bin.

5. Repurpose

A filter cartridge made from categories #3, #6, and #7 is not recyclable. Instead, they can be repurposed for domestic use. A collection of water filter cartridges can be used to make bird feeders for the poultry. Seedling trays for use on the farm.

The environmental impact of bottled water is many times greater than using a water filter, even when the used filter cannot be recycled. If you’re planning to buy a water filter, consider buying a brand that prioritizes recycling.

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