Different Water Filters and Factors to Consider Before Buying One

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Water is a primary need in our lives, and we consume water daily. Tap water may contain harmful contaminants such as metals, chemicals, and also bacteria. There are different methods of purifying water, such as boiling, filtration, distillation, and chlorination. In filtration, there are various new inventions enabling filtering to be more comfortable and practical. Countertop filters are useful and help you get clean water right in your kitchen sink. There are different countertop filters with various features that you can choose from and here is a list of the countertops that are in use;

Aquatrue water filter

Aquatrue water filter provides perfect and tasty water to those that use the device. The filter removes contaminants such as lead, chromium, fluoride, and chlorine effectively. The countertop filter can be set up within less than five minutes and is easy to use.

The Aquatru water filter has ultra-reverse osmosis technology that helps save water. The technology ensures that only about 25% of the water is discarded; hence, you save money and significantly improve the environment.

The filters of every countertop filter require replacement from time to time, and Aquatrue is not different. Aquatrue is different as once the filter needs replacement, a light flash signal will inform you about the filter. The filters are easy to remove, and replacing a new one is simple and takes about 5 minutes and does not require tools.

APEC RO-CTOP Portable Reverse Osmosis System

It is another portable countertop filter, and you can fix it on any standard kitchen faucet. RO-CTOP purifies water through different stages, starting with the large particles. The countertop filter also gets rid of the bad smell and unpleasant taste of the water.

The pre-filters of RO-CTOP should be replaced 2 or 3 times in a year. They are easy to return due to their quick connect fittings. The carbon post-filter can last for 2 to 3 years hence does not require plenty of replacements.

 iFilters countertop water filter

The iFilter countertop water filter removes substances such as sediment, chlorine, lead, and other organic chemicals. The filters require replacement annually and can be replaced without the use of tools.

The replacements of the filters are relatively cheap, making the countertop filter ideal for anyone to save money. The iFilter takes up less space in the kitchen hence perfect for a small kitchen.

iSpring CKC1C

The iSpring CKCIC is the best for filtering volatile organic compounds. It is clear enabling one to see when then filter requires replacement. Replacement of the two filters of the countertop water filter should take place after every 3-6 months.

The filters are relatively cheap; hence the amount of time of getting a new filter should not alarm you. The countertop filter is easy to fix on any kitchen faucet.

There are different types of water filters to choose from in the market. The filters have various features but achieve the same function of filtering your water. You may find it challenging to select from the many filters that are in the market. If you are interested in buying a filter for your home-use, you must consider;

Factors to consider before buying a water filter

The filters

The first thing you need to research on and identify is the features of the filters. You need to know the filter’s durability and the number of times the filter should be replaced annually. The filters also have different costs depending on the countertop water filter you are using.

If the filters are in use for long, they can cause harmful effects, and instead of purifying the water, the cleaners will contaminate the water. As you buy, get information about the filters and ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions about the replacement of the filters.

As you shop for a countertop water filter, know how the filters are replaced. Some filters are easy to replace and do not require any tools, and the countertop water filters with such filters should be the ones you buy.


There are different aspects of the price that must be put into consideration. The elements that you should consider when it comes to price are;

  • The initial cost

It is the cost of buying the countertop water filter from the shop. The initial cost should be what you can comfortably afford. The water filter you decide to buy should cost the amount of money that you are willing to invest in a filtrate system.

  • Maintenance cost

The maintenance cost is the cost of doing repairs for the countertop water filters. You should know how durable the filter is before buying. It is vital to avoid a countertop filter that is likely to have lots of repairs in the long run.

The countertop filters require replacements of the filters from time to time. It is essential to know the cost of the filters of the countertop filter that you are using and how regular the replacements should be done.

The countertop filters filter water, and some of it is discarded. Some of the water filters have been modified to ensure that little water is discarded, hence saving on money. It is essential to look for the water filters that will save lots of water-saving you lots of money in the long run.

Testing your water

You can test your water for contaminants using various water testing kits that you can find in shops. The different filters are specialized in cleaning different types of pollutants. After knowing the contaminants in your water, you can make an informed decision of the filter to buy.

Bottom Line

Tap water may contain harmful contaminants that may have adverse effects on your body. The contaminates in the water necessitate the use of filtrates for purification. Filtration is one of the most effective ways to get rid of poisons. Different countertop water filtrates are available in the market, and they all have unique features that help in filtration. It may be challenging to look for a countertop filtrate, but some factors must be considered, such as the filtrate, cost, and contaminants in your water.

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