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What Makes Timber Bi-Fold Good for Your House Windows

Like bi-fold doors, bi-fold windows are also very much in fashion these days. Whether it’s about renovating a house or building a new one, many people choose timber bi-fold door and window solutions. They not only makes the house look more appealing, but also allow people living inside the home to enjoy the outside view even when the door or windows are closed.

In addition to being in trend, bi-fold windows also come up with various kinds of benefits, ranging from their functionality and practical solutions to a home. Plus, they are easy to maintain and clean. There are countless other benefits of bi-fold windows. Let us examine a few of them.

A better solution than PVC-U

Many have a hunch that plastic or PVC-U is a cost-effective and more beneficial solution than bi-fold windows, but they are not aware of the fact that PVC is not environment friendly, and pollutes by releasing harmful chemicals. On the other side, Timber Bi-Fold Windows do not pose any kind of threat to the environment.

Less Timber, more glass

Bi-fold windows are a perfect combination of timber and glass. But while making these windows, carpenters ensures that more glass and less timber is used to avail the benefits of this type of windows.

Timber Bi-Fold Window

Allow light into house

Whether opened or closed, bi-fold windows do not obstruct sunlight from entering the house. More the bi-fold windows, more the light inside the house. More light means more visibility and less electricity bill.

Suits every kind of homes

While planning to install timber bi-fold windows in your home, you don’t need to worry about whether this window type will suit your house. This is because the bi-folds match with every kind of house- both traditional and modern homes. Although there are various potential aesthetics factors when choosing timber windows, almost all of them are suitable for every home.

Bi-fold windows are easy to maintain

It is easier to maintain bi-fold windows than other types of windows, which means you don’t need to spend much on them once they are installed. In addition, it is easy to clean them. They are the perfect choice if you don’t have time to spend on window cleaning or on their maintenance.

Bi-fold windows are flexible

Flexibility is one more aspect that makes bi-fold windows a more beneficial window solution than other traditional ways. These windows are flexible and add value to the house.

Longtime solution    

Timber is a material that stays for a long time. When you choose timber bi-fold windows, you are opting for a long-term solution. Some types of wood are very long lasting and durable. Windows made from these woods last for years and require hardly any maintenance.

Bi-fold windows are eco-friendly

As bi-fold windows are considered as good for the environment, they are carbon neutral and naturally renewable. In addition, if you purchase these windows from a trustworthy resource, you have get it painted with materials that is eco-friendlier and with less lead content.

Improved security 

Bi-fold windows have more glass and less timber to make it light-friendly, but they are still secure window solutions. You can add various kinds of security materials and features on those windows to make them more secure.

These are some of benefits of installing bi-fold windows in your home. They are easy to install, maintain and last for a longer time than other window solutions. In addition, they come in different types of sizes and you can choose as per your choice and requirement. There are many interior décor consults who could advise you and help you install the most suitable window models if you are in doubt.

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